How often should you use a waterpik

How Often Should You Use A Waterpik? – 2 Times Per Day…

You should use a waterpik at least 2 times per day. Once after you have had breakfast and then again before bed time after your final meal of the day. This is going to be the most effective way to keep your teeth in tip top condition. We don’t recommend you use it every time … Read more

are water flossers any good

Are Water Flossers Any Good? – Yes And Here’s Why…

Been searching on amazon to buy your regular dental floss and a recommendation of water flosser pops up! You click on it and voila! This thing looks really cool. Unlike a traditional dental floss, it uses steady water streams to get rid of all the food and plaque between teeth. But Are Water Flossers Any … Read more

Zerhunt water flosser review

Zerhunt Water Flosser Review (2023) – Cheap & Powerful!

Water flo​​ssers are not a particularly new phenomenon but they have been gaining massive popularity over the last few years and some research papers have found they are more effective at removing plaque and food debris stuck in between teeth than your normal string floss. But is there really any point in investing in a … Read more