Primal Life Organics Tooth Powder Reviews (2024) – Does It Work?

When it comes to brushing teeth, the first thing that comes to mind is toothpaste, and with good reason

It’s the most advertised and commonly used product, plus that’s what you’ll find in the oral health care aisle of any supermarket.

However there’s an alternative method called: Tooth Powder!.

Never heard of it? 

It works in the same way as it contains similar ingredients found in the paste; fluoride being one such example.

There are many Primal Life Organics Tooth Powder Reviews out there but this one gives an unbiased outlook which will help you decide whether this tooth powder is for you or not.

Keep reading to find out…

How Exactly Does Tooth powder Work?


As you might be aware, charcoal is well known for its enamel strengthening properties. This means by using tooth powder you’re guaranteed strong teeth over time.

Apart from strengthening your teeth, this powder is also designed to prevent or reduce those unwanted cavities. This essentially protects them from decaying.

It’s quite evident that toothpaste and powder work more or less the same.

So why opt for it?

Unlike toothpaste, there are some extra ingredients found in tooth powder such as charcoal, clay and herbs.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss them as ordinary ingredients; they work by enhancing the whitening capability of the powder. Some users even go as far as suggesting powder cleans even better than its paste counterpart.

Not sure where to begin?

We’d highly recommend the Primal Life Organics tooth powder because it’s one of the best in the market as the reasons below will clearly show.

Why Did We Choose To Review Primal Life Organics?

Because it’s nonabrasive, it’s designed to gently polish your teeth leaving you with a bright and beautiful smile.

We are all for embracing natural methods of cleaning teeth as is the case with this product.

If you’re still unsure whether this is the product to go for, we’ll answer all your questions in this Primal Life Organics tooth powder review.

Dirty Mouth Toothpowder review

Main Features

Activated Charcoal

The presence of activated charcoal is one of the main things that impressed us about this product. If you’ve ever used regular charcoal to clean your teeth, you’re familiar with how effective it is at teeth whitening.

Not only will it brighten your teeth but it’s designed to greatly reduce discolorations as well as those stubborn smoke and coffee stains.

Certain foods when eaten will leave particles stuck in between your teeth. The same activated charcoal also acts by removing this debris leaving you not only with a white smile but a healthy set of teeth.

Re-mineralizes Teeth

Certain food stuffs we consume tend to eat at the outer layer of our teeth. As a result you get weakened enamel which makes the tooth more prone to decay.

In extreme cases, your teeth will actually fall out. This obviously is a gradual process and you’ll only face the reality when it’s often too late to bring about change.

While you can’t exactly cut out some of the foods completely from your diet, the next best thing is to ensure you prevent weakening.

Primal took this into consideration and made sure this powder also works by re-mineralizing the teeth with the necessary minerals.

By using this kit you can expect both a white smile And strong teeth?

Different Flavors

What you must not expect from this tooth powder is a sweet taste because it doesn’t contain any sweeteners. This however is not unusual for most tooth powders.

Does it then mean that it comes with a bitter taste? Not quite. On the contrary they’re flavoured to ultimately give you that refreshed breath experience.

You just need a transition phase so you can adapt to the taste. You have the option of choosing between black peppermint and black spearmint so buy according to your preference.

Your kids don’t have to be excluded from using this product because there are flavors suited for them too. Cool orange and cinnamon are popular options.

How to Use The Primal Life Organics Tooth Powder?


Using the tooth powder is pretty easy. It just takes a bit of getting used to but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Just simply follow these steps:

  1. The first thing is to wet your tooth brush with either hot or cold water. This increases the chances of powder easily sticking to the brush as opposed to using dry bristles.
  2. After you wet it you might want to shake off excess water so the brush doesn’t get too wet.
  3. The next step is to dip the tooth brush into the tooth powder — approximately half of the brush or a little over two-thirds.
  4. Brush your teeth.
  5. Rinse
  6. Smile!

There are alternative methods you can consider. Just use what works for you. You can scoop the powder into a small bowl or your palm then dip into the power then brush or scoop a small amount of powder directly onto your tooth brush and brush away.

Needless to say these alternative methods will probably work better especially if you’re sharing the product container.

The only downside is it’s not the most economical option because chances are you might scoop out more powder than you actually need.


Poor Packaging

One thing we’re not impressed with is the packaging. First off, the container is extremely difficult to open. When you eventually get the cap loose, the powder will often spill everywhere leaving a mess.

Your best bet is either to leave the cap not completely screwed on, just hope no one knocks it off the shelf. You can consider using a different container altogether if you want as long as your toothbrush can fit inside.

Unfortunately the container also allows water to get inside leaving you with powder clumps making it difficult to use.

Messy Experience

Given the nature of the product, unfortunately cleaning your teeth can be a messy experience if you use this powder. Seeing that the container isn’t air tight, some powder is likely to escape the threads on the lid resulting in spilling onto the counter.

It doesn’t help that the powder is black so cleaning it up will be a hassle and the powder can quickly make your bathroom seem unhygienic (even if it isn’t).

Also, when you spit it out after brushing, it’s likely to wind up all over the sink leaving a mess. You can make sure you place your head as close to the sink as possible to minimise this.


Great for Sensitive Teeth

If you have problematic teeth you’ll find this product useful. Most people with sensitive teeth can confirm how difficult it is to get toothpaste that doesn’t aggravate the sensitivity.

Selecting this product is a good idea because it numbs any sensitivity after use.

Suffer from inflamed gums?

This tooth powder will reduce inflammation while leaving your teeth healthy and clean. The ingredients used in this product though powerful are quite mild.

This means children with fragile teeth will find it handy too. It also works well for those who suffer from bleeding gums.

Cleans Really Well

One thing you won’t get from using this product is the lather commonly associated with using toothpaste. However this in no way means it doesn’t work effectively.

On the contrary you’re likely to notice a huge difference after just the first use because your teeth are left squeaky clean.

Considering that it’s a powder the friction of the fine grains against your teeth as you brush will scrub off significant foreign debris covering your teeth.

Not only will it remove the cavity build up but you’ll end up with whiter teeth. Depending on the flavor you pick, you’re also left with fresh breath.

Great Taste

For a product which comes with a combination of interesting ingredients including clay you’d expect it to taste like mud. But that’s not the case.

In fact the taste is quite pleasant thanks to the different flavors it comes in.

Of course, different people will have their own unique sentiments and it may take some people longer to get used to it. But overall, the taste isn’t overpowering or strange. You might actually discover it strongly resembles that of bubble gum.

What Do People Think Of Primal Life Tooth Powder?

The general consensus is the product is a bit overpriced considering the size of the container. Generally for the price, people expect a lot more product as this won’t last very long.

You can find a similar product for just half the price—plus twice the size from competing brands.

It also doesn’t help that most of the individual ingredients found in the product are actually cheaper when purchased separately.

Still on price, a number of users feel the container could have been upgraded making it more user-friendly. Considering that toothbrushes come in varying shapes and sizes, some may not fit easily.

This essentially makes the product difficult to use. Emptying the contents into a different container might help.


On the upside, a number of customers are actually impressed with its performance regardless of the price. Some users equate the end result to that of a professional dental teeth cleaning procedure.

Most have noticed a reduction in gum and teeth problems and an increase in stronger and healthier teeth.

You can expect whiter and shinier teeth which are also smooth especially if you run your tongue over your teeth. Overall, most people would purchase it again.

Best Place to Buy Primal Organics Tooth Powder?

You can purchase the product directly from the Primal Life Organics website or from Amazon. Both are genuine and safe options.

Needless to say there are a couple of advantages associated with purchasing the product from the original seller’s website such as:

  • Free shipping for orders above a certain amount
  • Getting the original product
  • Quick delivery (approximately three to five days)
  • Availability of the product is guaranteed when you purchase from the original website
  • There are many alternative products you can pick from to also improve your dental hygiene
  • You get a discounted price.

Click here If your interested in purchasing through the Primal Life Organics Website

You can decide to subscribe on the site so you get an automatic re-supply after a certain time frame. Time frames include anything between 4 and 16 weeks depending on your preference.

However the subscriptions aren’t binding so you can change them whenever it suits you.

When you purchase from Amazon, you get the following advantages:

  • The price is slightly reduced if you purchase it using coupons
  • You also get the actual product not imitations
  • Quick delivery
  • Primal Organics is highly responsive to any queries you may have regarding the product

Click here if you prefer to buy from the Amazon Website



It does take a while to get used to it especially if you were used to the conventional toothpaste. The following summarises our thoughts on this product:

Zero Foam

One of the major differences is there’s no foam produced when brushing your teeth. Some will appreciate this as it generally means less spitting throughout the brushing process.


Even though it contains some clay particles it’s not in the least abrasive. In case you thought you’ll be getting a sandy texture, that’s not the case as the particles are actually fine and nonabrasive. As a result it’s designed to gently polish your teeth leaving a smooth feel.


The premium formula used in the product not only cleans your teeth but your mouth by removing any oils and toxins found inside your mouth.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Contrary to popular opinion you don’t need much product to clean your mouth. A little definitely goes a long way so it’ll last you considerably longer than some dental products.

Because it’s made using organic ingredients, it’s safe for your kids as well. Any swallowed product is completely harmless though it’s advisable to spit it out.

The main reason for this is the clay works by absorbing impurities. You wouldn’t want to get that into your system. For this reason we strongly recommend you supervise your children as they brush their teeth.

It’s available in different quantities depending on your needs. You can either opt for the five mini-pack or a 30-day monthly supply. Considering the nature of the container it’s easy and convenient to travel with.

As mentioned earlier, you might experience few issues with the container but the product itself works quite well. Would we recommend it to friends? Absolutely!

Any questions, please hit us up in the comments section below and we will be more than happy to help out :)

Primal Life Organics F.A.Q

Q. Does this product contain fluoride?

A. No, our toothpowder does not contain any fluoride, SLS, glycerin or any other harsh ingredients.

Q. How long will the toothpowder last?

A. The MINI (0.25 oz.) contains 60 uses which will last one month used twice a day by one person.

The 1 oz. size (28 g) contains 200+ uses and will last 3-4 months used twice a day by one person.

Q. Will it damage my enamel?

A. The powder is ultra-fine and non-abrasive- and when it blends with the water on your damp brush, it becomes a paste. It will not damage your enamel.

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