Top 10 Toothpaste Myths

One of the most important parts of our daily routine is brushing our teeth, though many hate the process because they are wary of toothpaste.

There are ample myths surrounding toothpaste that can make it difficult for one to keep up with their dental hygiene routine. 

There are myths about toothpaste regarding its safety, its toxicity, its marketing, and who should and shouldn’t use standard toothpastes.

Furthermore, the sheer amount of choice on the market makes it extremely difficult for one to find a toothpaste they like that helps them achieve their oral health goals. 

It’s important to break down myths around toothpaste as they can be a detriment to us taking care of our mouths and our teeth. 

Myth #1: All Toothpaste Is The Same 

There is no truth to the myth that all toothpaste is the exact same formula put into different packaging.

This is evident when you compare ingredients across brands.

Similarly, there are different kinds of toothpaste formulated to assist people with particular dental issues and desires, such as sensitive gums, whitening, or fresh breath. 

Myth #2: There’s No Need For Kid And Adult Toothpaste 

There’s a belief that toothpaste marketed to kids is all about packaging and getting parents to spend more money on products.

There is something to be said about making it appealing to brush your teeth to kids.

However, toothpaste will have different fluoride levels based on what’s suitable for your age, so keep grabbing your kid their Spiderman toothpaste. 

Myth #3: All Toothpaste Has Fluoride 

Fluoride is an important component to toothpaste, as this particular ingredient is known to help improve and maintain proper oral health.

That said, it is possible to find toothpaste that doesn’t contain fluoride should you need to avoid that ingredient for some reason. 

Myth #4: Fluoride Is Dangerous 

Fluoride in and of itself isn’t dangerous; in fact, there’s fluoride in a lot of our water.

An overabundance of fluoride can make a person sick, however, and can have unintended consequences for your oral health and the healthy development of teeth.

Unless you’re a kid, it’s very difficult to consume enough fluoride to make yourself sick. 

Myth #5: Toothpaste Is Unsafe For Young Kids 

While you don’t need to start brushing your kid’s teeth as soon as the first one drops, you don’t have to wait until you kid is five or six to start brushing their teeth despite the commonly believed myth.

It’s often recommended that you start brushing your toddler’s teeth when they turn two, though it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion from an orthodontist before you do so and to learn proper technique. 

Myth #6: Toothpaste Is Bad For You 

It is true that you shouldn’t eat toothpaste, as you don’t want to consume too much fluoride as previously discussed.

However, it’s likely that you’ll end up swallowing a small amount when you’re brushing, and that is completely safe. Outside of eating it, toothpaste isn’t bad for you. 

Myth #7: Toothpaste Doesn’t Matter; Only Your Brushing Does 

There’s a myth that your choice in toothpaste won’t influence your dental hygiene, and all that really matters is that you brush your teeth properly using the right technique.

It’s also not unheard of for people to forgo toothpaste all together because they’ve been told using just water and a toothbrush is enough. 

In reality, both your toothpaste, your choice of toothbrush, and your technique matter. All of these things work in tandem to clean your teeth and other areas of your mouth. 

Myth #8: Toothpaste Alternatives Don’t Work 

Toothpaste comes in many more forms than just a paste. It’s possible to find tablets that you can chew, gels, and even powders that interact with water.

Toothpaste in any form can be great; just be sure you use it properly, and you incorporate a quality toothbrush. 

Myth #9: Toothpaste Doesn’t Expire

Toothpaste does have a pretty long shelf life, but it does expire.

It’s not going to be inherently harmful if you accidentally use expired toothpaste, but you’re not going to get the benefits you want from your toothpaste.

The fluoride will degrade over time and as such, your teeth won’t get the protection you want. 

Myth #10: Just Using Toothpaste Is Enough To Keep Teeth Healthy 

Toothpaste is an essential component of keeping teeth and mouths clean, healthy, and fresh. That said, brushing your teeth alone is not going to keep your teeth healthy.

It’s also important that you incorporate flossing, mouthwash, rinses, and regular visits to your dentist. 

Final Thoughts 

Toothpaste seems to have an unnecessary amount of strange myths regarding its effectiveness, which can lead to many not using it appropriately.

Choosing the right toothpaste for your particular dental needs should be a priority to keep your mouth and teeth clean and healthy for years to come.

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