Severe Bleeding Gums When Sleeping – Fix It Using These Methods

If your gums are bleeding when your in bed, it is quite unnerving and can lead to stress. But it’s more common than you think.

Many people face this problem on a regular basis and the main reason for it being Periodontal disease.

It causes the structures of the teeth to loosen and makes the gums swollen and inflamed.

If not taken care of properly, you will start to see regular bleeding throughout the day and while your sleeping. If you have been bleeding for a while now and your oral health is pretty average, this is your main concern.

However if you have perfect healthy teeth and are not showing signs of any plaque or bad breath then the cause of Bleeding Gums When Sleeping could be another condition.

If you keep reading on we will go through the other possibilities you are facing.

Number 1 Reason For Bleeding Gums When Sleeping

Periodontal disease

This is a very common chronic inflammatory disease affecting around 40% of the adult population.

It’s caused by the microbial imbalance of the mouth flora causing the bad bacteria to invade freely. One of the major symptoms of this condition is Bleeding Gums.

Usually periodontitis does not come about suddenly, it’s actually the second stage of gum disease, the first stage being gingivitis.

This is where you start to develop red swollen gums that bleed slightly after you brush. Plaque will also start to accumulate.

If at this stage you do not take extra measures, the problem will develop and get worse causing excessive bleeding.

An Important Point To mention Here: Gingivitis does not cause any pain and the bleeding occurs every now and again, giving a false sense of security. Please Do Not Ignore These Symptoms!

Dry Mouth May Cause Abnormal Bleeding

Also known as xerostomia, it is a condition which causes the mouth to dry up and also causes a change in the quality of the saliva.

It’s a common occurrence with about 40 – 60% developing the condition at some point in their life.

This condition actually ties in with periodontal disease because when there isn’t enough moisture in the mouth, it creates an environment where bacteria can increase in number and cause more damage.

Other ways it can weaken the teeth is through demineralization which weakens the enamel causing a risk of fractures and tooth decay.

The effects of this can also lead to the gum line being weakened and blood seeping out.

Some Medications Cause Blood During Sleep

bleeding gums when sleeping

Bleeding can also be caused by blood thinning medications such as warfarin. This is an anti coagulant meaning it is used for blood thinning.

It helps move blood more freely in your veins and reduces the risk of clotting.

One of the main side effects of warfarin is bleeding more easily than normal – such as having nosebleeds, bleeding gums, heavier periods and bruising.

This is most likely to happen in the first few weeks of treatment or if you’re unwell.

Other medications that have been known to cause gums to bleed are: antidepressants and antihistamines.

If you are taking any of these medications or something similar then this could be the reason you are bleeding more than normal.

Pregnancy And Bleeding Gums

Around 50% of pregnant women encounter swollen, red gums that bleed when brushed. This is known as pregnancy gingivitis because it’ a mild form of gum disease and usually passes away on its own after pregnancy.

The main cause of this type of gum disease is hormonal changes which alter the chemicals and structures in your mouth making them more sensitive to bacteria.

Some women also develop a small lump or nodule on their gums which bleed when brushed. This is called a pregnancy tumour but is harmless and painless.

They are most likely to show up in your mouth which might explain the extra bleeding going on.

If your pregnant and suffering from abnormal bleeding, get it checked with the doctor but most of the time it will go away on its own after giving birth.

Sleep Apnea Linked With Gum Disease

bleeding gums when sleeping

Several studies carried out in 2015 showed a strong link between sleep apnea and gum problems!

Sleep Apnea is a condition which blocks the airways causing less air to be transported to the lungs. Some common symptoms of this include:

  • Loud Snoring
  • Sore Throat in the morning
  • Poor Quality of sleep
  • Lack Of energy throughout the day

A study involving 460 men and 227 women aged between 47-77 were analysed for 13 months. Participants with sleep apnea were associated with periodontitis after health screening and oral examinations.

One particular study showed a link between sleep apnea and tooth grinding which lead to swollen gums and eventual bleeding.

The reason why apnea is linked with gum disease is because it encourages bacteria to grow in the mouth while a person is asleep, this in turn causes higher rates of plaque build up which then leads to gingivitis.

It is very important you get this checked by a professional before the condition worsens.

Treatment Options That Will Help

When it comes to bleeding gums I think everyone will shout out: BRUSH PROPERLY AND FLOSS! which is pretty generic. It might be that the person is brushing and flossing every day but they still have gum issues.

Sometimes it might be the technique or the products they are using that could be the problem.

For Periodontitis…

We recommend you first go and visit a dental professional and get some proper cleaning and scaling done to reduce inflammation.

Once you have done that, start using the Bass brushing technique to remove bacteria from underneath the gum lines.

Using an oil based antimicrobial paste is great with this method because the oil will seep down below the gum line area and stay there for a longer period giving more time to eliminate disease causing bacteria.

For Sleep Apnea…

Trying the cheapest options first is a good way to go about it. The first one is:

Wearing an oral/dental appliancebleeding gums when sleeping

Oral sleep apnea treatment devices prevent the airway from collapsing by holding the tongue in position or by sliding the patient’s jaw forward so patients can breathe while they sleep.

A sleep technologist can titrate an oral appliance fitted by a dental professional to give maximum effectiveness.

Undergoing A Weight management programme

weight loss can help improve or eliminate your sleep apnea symptoms if you are overweight or obese.

Overweight people often have thick necks with extra tissue in the throat that may block the airway.

With this method there is no guarantee that you will cure apnea but it’s a no cost treatment you can try if you are overweight.

For Pregnancy Patients…

It’s really about maintenance mode when you are in this situation. Just keep your oral hygiene in tip-top condition with the usual brushing and flossing twice per day.

Try avoiding fizzy drinks and junk food, instead eat lots of vegetables and most importantly, avoid alcohol mouthwashes as they cause dry mouth.

If You Have Gum Disease, This Is The Product For You…

bleeding gums when sleeping

Let’s be honest here, the majority of cases involving bleeding gums are related to gum disease and oral hygiene problems.

That is why we always recommend you tackle this problem first before jumping to any other conclusion. The best product we recommend is the Orawellness Starter Kit.

Investing in the Orawellness Starter Kit is crucial if you want to protect your teeth and Gums from damage.

It’s a holistic approach which rivals the mainstream oral health treatment options. Its main concern is to help you reduce bleeding gums and plaque. Basically an all round Mouth cleaning system.

If your interested in fixing up your gum problems then read the full review of this system which can be found above.


Bleeding gums during sleep is most likely down to gum disease, more specifically periodontitis, this makes about 40% of cases in adults.

But it’s not the only thing that could be causing your gums to bleed, there are certain blood thinning medications that are known to cause bleeding.

Another common cause is pregnancy, this causes a change in the hormonal balance in the body. This makes the gums more sensitive to bacteria.

Treatment options for all of these are primarily focused on improving your oral hygiene routines.

And the best way to do this is by having a dental kit that gives you everything you need to reduce gum bleeding. The Orawellness starter kit is your best bet and has shown to do exactly That!

We are sure that if you follow the advice given in this article, your gum bleeding issue will be resolved.

But if you have any questions you feel were not answered in this post, please leave a comment below and we will make sure to reply to your queries.

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