Are Snap-On Veneers Comfortable?

Snap-on veneers, when correctly molded to your unique mouth shape and contours, should feel completely natural and comfortable when worn.

Not only should a set of well-crafted snap-on veneers be comfortable, but wearing them should make you forget you have any dental appliance in your mouth, with the exception of when you are chewing or drinking.

If you are using snap-on veneers and are finding that they are causing you discomfort, you should immediately stop using them and get in touch with the company that makes the veneers.

Let’s dive in and learn more about snap-on veneers, what you should do if you feel uncomfortable wearing them, and the options you have to have them correctly fitted.

What Are Snap-On Veneers?

A “Hollywood smile” can be achieved quickly and painlessly with the help of veneers that snap on. They are also referred to as veneers that are removable or temporary.

Patients can get a more attractive smile at an affordable price with the help of these dental appliances. Snap-on veneers are popular because of their natural-looking appearance, which inspires confidence in many people who wear them.

Snap-on veneers to cover your existing teeth and give you a smile that appears completely natural.

The veneers, which are removable, cover any teeth that are discolored or chipped, as well as any spaces or teeth that are missing.

They are made of high-tech dental resin, which allows them to be both thin and long-lasting.

People who want to avoid the discomfort of more complex and invasive dental procedures may benefit from using snap-on veneers, which are comfortable alternatives.

So Are They Comfortable?

When fitted and worn correctly, snap-on veneers are comfortable to wear. However, in some instances you may find that your veneers have become misshapen, your natural teeth have shifted, or an object has become lodged in between the appliance and your natural teeth.

Any of these above instances can cause your snap-on veneers to become uncomfortable. Removing and cleaning your veneers is key to ensuring you have no gaps and nothing can become trapped.

If you notice your veneers are becoming ill-fitting, that may be a sign that you need a new set.

Does Snap On Veneers Give You A Lisp?

Many people worry that using snap-on veneers can give you a lisp or otherwise alter the way you speak.

While it is true that you will hear a slight difference in your voice when you first start wearing snap-on veneers, you will eventually reset to your natural speaking voice once you have acclimated to the veneers.

The same concept applies to having a lisp. When first wearing your veneers you may notice a slight lisp in your speaking. In most instances, this will discontinue after your adjustment period.

However, if you think your lisp isn’t going away, try having your dentist or the company you purchased your veneers from making your appliance thinner. 

When To Return Snap On Veneers

Most dentists and online snap-on veneer companies offer a warranty with their veneers.

Depending on the company you go with this could mean replacement sets within timeframes, free adjustments for better fitting, or discount on future purchases.

Whichever company you choose for your snap-on veneers should have a good warranty program. This will ensure your financial protection in case anything happens to your dental appliance. 

If you have made veneer adjustments and still find wearing them unbearable, it may be time to consider traditional, permanent veneers.

Cosmetic dentists can consult with you to see if you are a good candidate, however, if your natural teeth are in good health, a good dentist will advise against permanent veneers. 

Caring For Snap On Veneers

In order to ensure the best and longest fitting snap-on veneers, you should take the time to care for your appliance daily properly. A well-cared-for snap-on veneer set can last many years before wearing down too much.

Here are a few ways to maintain your snap-on veneers for a long time.

  • Since the veneers are not real teeth, they need to be cleaned regularly and properly. You can clean them with lukewarm water, a soft brush, a silicone brush, and soapy water.
  • Please don’t use a blow dryer or another source of direct heat to dry them. Instead, let your clip-on veneers dry naturally or wipe them down with a soft cloth every so often to remove any moisture. This will keep them from changing color.
  • Be sure to brush your natural teeth thoroughly each time you insert or remove your veneers. This is crucial to ensuring good dental health.
  • Try to break bad habits like nail biting, straw chewing, or eating ice. These things can break or chip your snap-on veneers quickly. 

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