How To Fix Crooked Bottom Teeth Without Braces?

With the advancement of aesthetic dentistry we now have various different techniques on How To Fix Crooked Bottom Teeth Without Braces.

Braces especially in adulthood have a less success rate than when you are in your teens, not to mention the expensive prices associated with them.

Nowadays there are less expensive options that need your attention. Retainers are excellent if you only have a slight crookedness with only minor overcrowding.

You can also get certain appliances which can help shift the lower jaw forward to correct any biting issues. Herbst appliance is the more common devices used in these circumstances.

Clear plastic aligners are some of the simplest products you can use and are available over the counter.

Unlike braces which are permanent, you can remove these aligners every once in a while. They are also clear, making them invisible which makes them more aesthetically pleasing.

With aligners, you can remove them during meal times, you can eat what you want when you want, unlike braces that tend to restrict you.

But Which One Shall I Go For?

With so many options to choose from it makes it quite difficult to know which method will be best for your teeth, but don’t worry because we will be going into detailed explanation on each method mentioned above so you can make an accurate decision.

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Retainers Are Good For Slight Crookedness

Retainers are an attractive alternative choice to braces because they are less conspicuous and can be removed.

Generally retainers are used after braces have been used to maintain the straightness of teeth but with the advancement of techniques this method can work as a lone wolf in fixing malocclusion.

There are 2 Types Available

  1. Fixed Retainers – consists of a wire bonded to the back of your upper or lower front 6 teeth.
  2. Removable Retainers – Usually composed of rigid BPA free plastic appliance fitting over your teeth which can be transparent and plastic, or plastic with a metal wire built into it.

Fixed Retainers

These are generally good for holding the 6 front teeth in place. A thin piece of metal wire is attached on the backside of the teeth.

Sometimes people who have removable retainers might lose them during the lunch break when they take them out to eat but fixed retainers stay with you 24/7.

You will never lose them.

Another advantage is their size. Because they are so small they won’t get in the way and are much more comfortable compared with fixed retainers.

The downside is the cleaning and maintenance that will be involved.

Food particles will no doubt get stuck in between the retainers and plaque build up will be inevitable.

Using normal floss will be quite difficult in this situation so you might want to look into floss threaders or a water flosser which can solve this problem.


If there is a slight break in the retainer, the tooth that is affected will go out of place and become crooked so its important that you visit an orthodontist to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Fixed retainers are a good option if you are a regular visitor to the dental room.

Removable Retainers

how to fix crooked bottom teeth without braces

The attractiveness of these retainers is in their name: (Removable) and are more hygienic. Take them off whilst eating and then put them back on after you have cleaned your teeth.

But don’t be too relaxed as you will need to wear them for the majority of the day to see actual results.

Another thing to consider is the durability of these retainers. You should know that the mouth is an aggressive place especially at nighttime when we are sleeping.

We exert quite severe clenching and grinding forces on the back of our teeth. You can imagine the plastic retainers will get a beating over time and will need replacing every so often.

There are so many stories of people who have been discouraged with the cost and endless dentist appointments to get the perfect fitting retainers.

If you quit at this stage, you are also giving up on any hopes of straightening your teeth. Be patient and good things will come.

What About Fixing Only 1 Crooked Tooth?

After searching up this topic, it seems that invisalign may be the best solution for fixing a couple teeth which are out of place.

This treatment is subtler than standard braces, and it often takes less time to complete, especially when you do not need to correct your entire bite.

In fact, in some cases, Invisalign can take as little as six weeks.

Invisalign Could Be 4 You

You might have heard about invisible aligners that can be a great alternative to braces, especially for adults.

Invisalign has been around since 1997 but only in recent years have they mastered the technology and now they are market leaders when it comes to teeth straightening.

Millions of people around the world have reaped its benefits, maybe you can too 🙂

how to fix crooked bottom teeth without braces

How It Works

There are 3 simple steps, The first one being the initial consultation where you will be examined and once its determined you are a good fit, x-rays and digital scans will be taken alongside an impression of your teeth.

These will be used to create your unique 3D treatment plan.

The second step involves Aligners which will be delivered directly to your providers office.

You will need to go in and make sure they fit perfectly before you can start wearing them every day.

You will need to change these over every 1-2 weeks because of the shift in the teeth placement but this is included in the price.

Third step is seeing the Results, pretty exciting right?. You will be visiting your provider every 6-8 weeks to monitor progress and receive new aligners if needed.

After you have attained the desired results, retainers will be given to you to wear to help maintain the new straight smile you have been given.

Sounds Pretty Expensive?

The average price can range between £2500 – £5500 which is about $5000 – $7000. That is pretty expensive even more so than getting braces.

But the technology used in this system and the after care that is given is something you need to take into account.

Braces cost around the £3500 range but can vary depending on your specific needs.

I personally need to get some sort of treatment for my crooked teeth and I feel I’m too old for braces that is why invisalign will be my choice when I have enough money to go ahead with it.

I’m pretty sure they can make it more affordable by having a monthly pay plan or something of that nature.

Braces Are Still The Authority When It Comes To Teeth Straightening

how to fix crooked bottom teeth without braces

Braces are still the number 1 procedure used in the world for straightening teeth because they are so versatile and because they can fix major imbalances in the mouth such as overbite and under bite.

They may be expensive but if you want that sexy Hollywood smile its either you get braces or you go for the Invisalign.

There is no DIY fix for this problem so do not try to correct this problem yourself, always have a dental professional guide you through this process.


Retainers are one of the best ways you can straighten crooked bottom teeth because they are so simple to use and are less expensive than your traditional treatments such as braces.

Another great product that is making massive waves across this industry is the Invisalign aligner that is an impressive alternative to braces.

Invisalign has become so attractive to millions of customers because it goes unnoticed. It’s a clear aligner that fixes onto your teeth and no one will know your even wearing it.

It’s especially good if your an adult because you know your teeth are fully grown and there is no major rearrangements to occur in the mouth.

Whatever treatment option you go for, be aware that it will cost you money, its not a cheap procedure and it will take time to see the results you want.

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