Best Snap-On Veneers 2024 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Teeth are an important part of life beyond just needing them to eat. The appearance of our teeth can make us self-conscious and cosmetic dentistry can be expensive.

However, there is now a cosmetic solution that is simple and straightforward.

Snap-on veneers are designed to clip onto your natural teeth to help hide common cosmetic issues, such as stains or discoloration.

They last for years and can even be worn while eating, which has made them a popular cosmetic choice for many people.

However, this device is still relatively new for many and the prospect of using a new dental device can be daunting.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at what snap-on veneers are and the 5 best snap-on veneers you can get today.

The 5 Best Snap-On Veneers

When buying snap-on veneers, it is important to take into consideration the cost of the product, as well as how long it lasts.

Below, we will take a look at the top 5 best snap-on veneers and their benefits, as well as what makes them unique from other brands.

Alpha Clip On Veneers

Alpha Veneers are made of either resin or polymer. Their snap-on veneers come in 2 different options: regular wear or occasional wear.

The price will match accordingly depending on how often you want to use snap-on veneers.

Occasional wear snap-on veneers are cheaper than the regular wear version.

Alpha Veneers also offers snap-on veneers for either just your top teeth, just your bottom teeth, or both.

They also offer different colors of snap-on veneers. 

Alpha Veneers for occasional wear cost $499 for a full set, while regular wear veneers cost $799 for a full set.

They offer a 1-year breakage guarantee and a 2-year color stability guarantee.

TruSmile Removable Veneers

TruSmile Veneers are made using a unique polyester material that is made exclusively for the company.

Their snap-on veneers can last up to 5 years if cared for properly.

TruSmile offers custom-made veneers designed to suit the impression of your teeth, as well as 3 different colors.

They also offer a 100 percent guarantee to replace your snap-on veneers if they do not fit properly.

TruSmile Removable Veneers cost $470 for a full set.

Removable Veneers USA

Removable Veneers USA makes their veneers in a licensed dental lab using an FDA-approved patented dental resin that is made exclusively for the company.

They offer 2 types of snap-on veneers: Premium Model Veneers and Premium Plus Veneers.

Premium Plus Veneers are designed to endure more daily use and constant wear and tear. This is their most popular product and is offered in 3 different colors.

On top of being able to eat and drink while wearing these veneers, the company also claims that their veneers will not stain.

Premium Model Veneers cost $599 for a full set, while Premium Plus Veneers cost $799 for a full set.

Secret Veneers

Secret Veneers are made of a thin, highly flexible resin. Their snap-on veneers are the thinnest currently available and are also non-staining.

If cared for properly, these veneers can last up to 3 years or longer.

Secret Veneers offers 2 types of snap-on veneers: Standard Secret Veneers and Micro Thin Veneers.

Both models are available in 3 different colors, the main difference being the latter model is thinner. 

Standard Secret Veneers cost less than Micro Thin Veneers.

It is also important to note that Secret Veneers will only charge a small fee if your snap-on veneers need to be replaced.

Instasmile Veneers

Instasmile offers 2 different types of snap-on veneers: Classic Veneers and Platinum Veneers.

Classic Veneers are thinner and more flexible, while Platinum Veneers are more durable.

Classic Veneers are also considered more suitable for those with milder cosmetic issues, while Platinum Veneers are for more serious issues.

Unlike other companies, Instasmile offers options for your gum line. Their straighter look option will make your gumline more even in appearance, while their natural look option will maintain your existing gumline.

Classic Veneers cost $799 for a full set, while Platinum Veneers cost $1,499 for a full set, making them the most expensive set of snap-on veneers on this list.

What Are Snap-On Veneers?

Also known as no-dentist veneers or clip-on veneers, snap-on veneers are cosmetic devices designed to snap onto your natural teeth.

The purpose of this device is to help hide common cosmetic problems, such as the following listed below:

  • Stains and discoloration
  • Minor gaps between teeth
  • Yellow teeth
  • Minor misalignments
  • Chipped teeth
  • Missing teeth

Veneers are traditionally bonded permanently to your teeth, but snap-on veneers are designed to be removed quickly and easily.

They are also less expensive than permanent veneers. 

Snap-on veneers have to fit over sturdy teeth. They are designed to help with cosmetics but do not help with the restoration of damaged teeth.

Typically, snap-on veneers will last anywhere from 3 to 5 years and you can eat them while wearing them.


If you are seeking cosmetic enhancement for your teeth, snap-on veneers can be a great option due to their simplicity, as well as their lower cost than cosmetic dentistry.

Be sure to look beyond pricing when picking snap-on veneers to ensure your veneers will be best suited to your personal dental needs.

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