Can A Dentist Remove Tartar? – The Truth Finally Revealed…

Did you know that the yellow, hard deposit chilling at the backside of your lower incisors and around many other teeth is the worst thing that can happen to your oral health?

Wondering why it won’t go away even with all the vigorous brushing?

Well, firstly, it’s possible that you’re doing the brushing thing all wrong and not letting the bristles reach all corners of your teeth.

And secondly and most importantly, you don’t floss.

For this reason, all the everyday colourless, soft plaque has become hardened and is visible, also looks dirty and unaesthetic.

Not only that, the tartar that has surrounded your teeth will later cause your gums to bleed and your teeth to be ultra sensitive to every hot or cold stimulus.

Since the damage has already been done and this gunk has become so hard that brushing isn’t helpful anymore, Can A Dentist Remove Tartar?

Yes, Yes and Yes!

With a scaler tip, specially designed to remove plaque and tartar, a dentist can remove all the hard deposits surrounding both the outer and inner areas of your teeth. 

Once that is achieved, a high powered electrical tooth brush is used to clean off all the residues and gently scrub the enamel, followed by some expert flossing.

The last and final step is to apply a fluoride varnish, so that your teeth can remain as strong and as healthy as ever!

But if your brain is still occupied with questions, Keep reading on to find the answers…

When Will The Dentist Decide To Remove Your Tartar?

can a dentist remove tartar

Although tartar or calculus doesn’t form overnight and is the product of extreme carelessness, you should ideally get your scaling done every six months.

Honestly speaking, for most of us, reaching all parts of the teeth while brushing is a pretty challenging task. Which is why, even if you are brushing your teeth regularly and twice a day, there is still a chance that calculus will eventually form.

If it’s not visible, it is most definitely forming within the area of the tooth surrounded by your gums, which will ultimately lead to swollen gums and bleeding when brushing.  

This is a clear sign that you should pay a visit to your dentist and get that entire chunky gunk removed. 

However, if you are a smoker, your teeth are more likely to develop tartar and in lesser time than usual.

If you fall in this category, your dentists will probably advise you to get scaling done every three months. 

So, make sure that you are paying regular visits to your dentist, ideally every six months.

Can Dental Cleaning Damage The Teeth?

can a dentist remove tartar

If there was a dollar for every time a dentist was asked this question, we would all be billionaires!

So, let me answer it for the umpteenth time and let you know that it absolutely doesn’t damage your teeth. In fact, it’s the tartar that does so.

Now, this myth only arose when the people who liked to pet this gunky hard substance for years on hold decided to get it removed.

To understand this, we need a little backstory. So, once the tartar starts building up in your teeth, it causes the gums to swell and bleed.

If that is neglected and not taken care of, the gums start to recede and the portion of the teeth that is usually covered by the gums starts to show.

Now if that is also neglected, the teeth start losing their supporting structures, making them mobile. But, because there is so much tartar surrounding all of these teeth, they are not visibly moving.

However, as soon as a ton of it is taken out, the teeth start moving and only the dentist and the procedure is to blame.

Therefore, trust me on this and don’t fear getting your regular scaling done. Talk to your dentist, let them know about your concerns and stop believing everything you hear!

Is It Possible To Remove Tartar From Teeth Without A Dentist?

Although the internet is filled with DIY ways to remove tartar at home, it’s still a hoax that the tartar can be removed without the help of a dentist. 

I mean, a dentist is a dentist for a reason, no?

If they have spent years of their life studying a particular part of the human body, they definitely know better! So, please understand that it takes a lot of education and training to remove tartar.

And the tartar that is hidden underneath your gums can in no way be taken out by using all those home-made teeth scrubs or by rubbing strawberries or baking soda on your teeth.

Therefore, don’t forget that tartar can only be safely removed at a dentist’s office. The ultrasonic scalers specially designed to remove all the plaque and calculus will safely restore your teeth back to normal in no time.

And not only will they remove all the plaque and tartar that is visible, but everythingmunderneath your gums. 

If cost is your concern, the option of going to a dental school and getting your scaling done from supervised students is always available!

So, stop googling DIY tips for every single thing in your life and leave some things to the professionals!

Using Dental Picks And Scalers At Home

can a dentist remove tartar

The specialized tools used for scaling are readily available at stores now.

The internet is full of answers on how to use these picks and scalers at home. But as easy as it sounds, there are many dangers of using a dental scaler at home.

Firstly, there is no way you can scrape off all the tartar with a manual scaler. And even if you do end up putting that scaler under your gums, there is an expert way of doing it.

Improper use will not only irritate your gums and cause them to bleed; the damage can also subject them to recession. This simply means that your gum tissue will recede and expose the roots. Apart from that, the sharp scaler can also injure the cheeks, gums and lips.

Therefore, please don’t ever listen to anyone who is telling you to do your own scaling at home, as it is most likely going to cause more damage.

Here’s The Tooth-away 

Tartar is the mineralized form of plaque that usually forms when the plaque on your teeth is not removed regularly and in turn hardens, especially in areas where the tooth brush cannot reach.

Not only does it look bad, it also causes your teeth to become more prone to staining and may also provide a sticky base for more plaque to form. In this way, it keeps building up till you finally get it removed professionally.

Usually, your dentist will advise you to get your teeth cleaning done every six months. If you are a smoker, you might have to visit your dentist every three months instead. 

Apart from that, your dentist will also tell you ways on how to control the buildup of plaque and tartar which includes brushing twice to three times a day and flossing every night before going to sleep.

Lastly, using DIY tools such as dental picks and scalers to do your own scaling at home is a big no. It’s always better to let the professionals handle what they are best at and for you to do your part i.e. maintaining good oral hygiene. 

Because obviously, a sweet tooth = a sweet life!

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