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Can Dental Cleaning Damage Teeth? – No But Be Careful!

If there was a dollar for every time someone asked a dentist ‘can dental cleaning damage teeth?’ we would all be trillionaires today! And not just this, there are some super smart individuals who even believe in the fact that dental cleaning damages teeth and choose to never get scaling/dental cleaning done. They also make sure everyone in their … Read more

Can A Dentist Remove Tartar? – The Truth Finally Revealed…

Did you know that the yellow, hard deposit chilling at the backside of your lower incisors and around many other teeth is the worst thing that can happen to your oral health? Wondering why it won’t go away even with all the vigorous brushing? Well, firstly, it’s possible that you’re doing the brushing thing all … Read more

How to Make Your Teeth Clean Before the Dentist?

How to Make Your Teeth Clean Before the Dentist?

You are here looking for the no BS answer to the question: How to Make Your Teeth Clean Before the Dentist? You definitely won’t like it if someone opens their mouth in front of you, and it looks disastrous, and you are getting a foul smell with a visible encounter of black yellowish teeth and tongue. … Read more

how do dentists remove broken teeth

How Do Dentists Remove Broken Teeth – The Agonising Truth

So, what do you think happens when a tooth breaks? Do you think you can live with it? Well, you technically can, except it’ll haunt you by causing severe pain when biting and chewing… Sensitivity to hot and cold stimulus as well as sweets And providing a gateway for bacteria to cause swelling and infection which … Read more