Wellness Ultrasonic Toothbrush Review

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An is one that operates by generating ultrasound to remove plaque from your mouth. It also renders plaque bacteria harmless.

This electric toothbrush oscillates and rotates in your mouth. These operate on a typical frequency of 1.6 MHz

brings you powerful sonic technology to brush your teeth clean. With a calculated number of 30,000 brush strokes per minute, this toothbrush tends to clean the tight spaces between your teeth.

This ultrasonic toothbrush has a proven formula for naturally whiter teeth, healthier gums, and plaque removal.

By removing deep stains from your teeth, a Wellness toothbrush gives you better results in a few days. Let’s find out more about its features and design.


has three brushing modes according to your requirements. The high-power mode will remove the debris and plaque deposited in your teeth. The other two modes are useful for your daily care.

It has 30,000 vibrations per minute. This toothbrush has an attractive feature of a water flosser. It has a large tank for a long flossing session.

Two nozzles can be rotated 360 degrees. It helps to clean the back teeth, which are usually hard to clean. A tongue cleaner is provided in the kit to keep your tongue clean. 


One of the disadvantages of this toothbrush is that it is not rechargeable. It means that it is battery-operated, so you cannot electrically charge it. You will have to change its batteries at all times.

Sonic toothbrushes aren’t cheap to buy. So, everyone can’t avail the benefits of this toothbrush. Ultrasonic toothbrushes have been found to cause the most abrasion to the teeth.


Main Features

has a powerful dynamic cleaning. It uses sonic cleaning technology, producing 30,000 brush strokes per minute.

It offers three brushing modes, i.e., clean, soft, and massage, for different purposes. There is a 2-minute auto-timer attached to it.

It represents the dentist’s recommendation for brushing for at least 2 minutes.

A 30-second interval timer is provided so that you can brush every area of your mouth. Its waterproof design is an added feature.

The brush heads use Dupont nylon bristles, making the bristle movements soft. It runs on a pair of batteries of 1.5V. There is no charging base in this toothbrush.


The Wellness ultrasonic toothbrush is easy to use. You can choose a particular brushing mode and let the toothbrush do its wonders. The dentist-recommended 2-minute brushing timer is an added advantage.

It is waterproof, so you will not face a problem in cleaning its parts. An instruction manual is provided along with it to ease you into brushing with this sonic toothbrush.


This toothbrush is small in size, hence easily portable, just like a manual toothbrush. It runs on a pair of batteries so it can be used for a longer duration.

Also, batteries are easily portable. So, you will not face a problem carrying a pair of batteries along with this toothbrush kit. You can take this kit with you while traveling.

Value for Money

With the features that this toothbrush is providing, the Wellness ultrasonic toothbrush has value for money. In the price of this product, the benefits are excellent.

It has a clinically proven formula for improving your gum health.

The kit includes two brush heads, which are durable enough. Also, the wellness sonic toothbrush gives you a one-year warranty. So, this toothbrush is worth-buying.


The kit itself is nicely packaged and designed. It includes one . Along with it, there are two brush heads for you to change.

The box also consists of a user manual providing all the details about the product and instructions on using it. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it appropriate for children?

It is not a harmful product for children. It would rather be an exciting thing for them. Children will start to love brushing their teeth twice a day daily. So, you must insist your children brush their teeth with the wellness ultrasonic toothbrush.

How to remove the toothbrush heads from the brush?

First of all, you need to get a firm hold on the toothbrush with one of your hands and the brush head with another. Just pull them apart gently. Do not pull in a lot of force. If the brush head is not removed, you need to soak it in warm water for some time. The brush head will quickly come off once the toothpaste softens.


At this price, is worth buying. It gives you protection against plaque and keeps your gums healthy. What else do you require from a toothbrush?

A one-year warranty gives this product the green signal.

Overall, this toothbrush is easy to use, portable, and a good value for money.

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