Oral B 7000 Review (2023)

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Electric toothbrushes have been in the market for quite some time.

Oral-B 7000 Electric Toothbrush
Oral-B 7000 Electric Toothbrush
Oral-B 7000 Electric Toothbrush
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  • Real-time feedback with the Oral-B app focuses brushing on your most important areas, tracks habits over time, motivates with helpful oral care tips, and senses when you brush too hard. A full charge can take up to 24 hours
  • Made of different high-tech materials like silicon. Cross Action round brush head with perfectly angled bristles for a precise clean
  • Clinically proven superior 3D cleaning oscillates, rotates and pulsates to break up and remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush
  • Rechargeable with 6 modes: Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, Deep Clean, and Tongue Cleaner
  • Speed, Up to 800 brush movements per second , Features, Specially designed seals and gaskets keep the Oral-B 7000 water tolerant to 500 millibars of pressure and it removes 300% more plaque along the gum line than a regular manual brush
  • Amazon Dash Replenishment Enabled: With Dash Replenishment, this toothbrush will automatically place an order for brush heads when it’s time for replacement so you never run out

It rotates and oscillates back-and-forth in your mouth. Oral B 7000 is the world’s first electric toothbrush with a Bluetooth connection.

Doesn’t a rechargeable toothbrush seem fascinating? By connecting this toothbrush to your smartphone, you can obtain feedback on your dental care.

This perfectly designed is an extraordinary blend of luxury, daily care, and convenience. Let’s see the prominent features of this toothbrush are.


Unlike other toothbrushes, the Oral-B 7000 bristles softly. The bristle head is soft enough to clean your teeth smoothly.

This toothbrush is easily cleaned. As it waterproof, you can dip it into the water to clean its parts. Its sleek body is quite impressive.

The setup is effortless, Bluetooth connectivity is fast. The connection of this toothbrush to your smartphone motivates you to brush your teeth twice a day.

The charging of this toothbrush lasts two weeks; hence, you can travel anywhere without the charger.

The oscillation and rotation of this tech are the best for removing deposited food and your gum health.


The movement/oscillation of the toothbrush is relatively faster. It creates a lot of friction between your tooth and the brush.

Though its charging lasts two weeks, it takes up to twelve hours to charge. It has too many modes, which make it difficult for you to remember. The modes can only be changed/viewed through the app.

Oral B 7000 Review

Main Features


The Bluetooth feature enables you to connect your toothbrush to your mobile phone. This feature provides you a guide on your brushing habits.

Oral-B App

This app gives you feedback on your brushing habits. It tells you everything that is going inside your mouth.

Whether you need to contribute more time to brushing your teeth or regulating the pressure, this app notifies you of everything. You can obtain all kinds of dental knowledge from this app.

Pressure Sensor

regulates the pressure of brushing. If you start brushing too hard, a red sign will blink, and the motor will automatically slow down.

3-D Cleaning

This electric toothbrush is far more effective than a manual one. It oscillates 360-degree to clean every corner of your mouth.


The Oral-B 7000 has six brushing modes, i.e., daily clean, deep clean, whitening, massage, sensitive, and tongue cleaning. Daily clean, as the name suggests, is used for everyday cleansing of your teeth.

Deep clean mode is for cleaning the gums and keeping them healthy. With a bonus of the tongue cleaner mode, it gives your tongue complete oral protection.


This piece of tech is easily portable. As its charging lasts two weeks, you can easily carry it anywhere. It has a slender body and is not heavy to carry.

Hence, it is easy for you to travel anywhere with this sleek toothbrush. It comfortably rests on a flat base or surface. You can take it anywhere without the charger.

Value for Money

The provides you with certain features absent in the earlier models of the Smart Series. A separate LCD screen that allows you to communicate with your dental habits.

Its various cleaning modes and the set of brush heads fulfill the requirements of a toothbrush.

It gives you a decent value for money as it provides you all the features that should be present in an electric toothbrush.


Opening the box contents of , you will find each part well-packaged. This toothbrush comes with three heads, i.e., cross-action to help clean the plaque, sensitive for super soft bristles, and pro-white to polish teeth.

There are some storage accessories included in the box. It includes a toothbrush holder, which gives you storage space to keep your brush heads when not in use.

The holder also has a space for attaching the charger to it.

A premium travel case is provided to carry it along while traveling. The next one is the travel pouch where you can store small toiletries.

The box also contains a separate LCD screen called the Smart Guide. This screen notifies you about your brushing habits and provides you feedback.

Oral B 7000 Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Oral-B 7000- Should I buy it?

Definitely, you can buy this toothbrush. Its features are unique and different from the earlier models of Oral-B. The various cleaning modes, a separate smart guide, long handle of the toothbrush, and the pressure sensors, make it worth buying.

vs. 8000

The Oral-B 7000 comes with four brush heads, whereas the 8000 comes with 3. 7000 has a smart wireless guide, whereas 8000 does not. Also, the 8000 has a smartphone holder.


The is a reliable and handy toothbrush. It checks all the boxes of what you require in a ‘perfect toothbrush.’ But when it comes to pricing, it is a bit expensive. In that case, Oral-B 8000 can give you a better deal.

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