Sonicare 3 Series Review

Looking for a Sonicare 3 series review? If YES, you are at the right place!

When it is about electronic gadgets, Phillips is a reliable name to talk about anytime. The latest Sonicare 3 series is known for its excellent features. The will discuss the features, aces, and rip-offs of the product.


The proves what a tremendous electric brush should be. The brand has recognized all the shortcomings in the earlier 2 series and has implemented the improved versions in this series.

With the new features and functions, Sonicare 3 series has entered the market of advanced electric toothbrushes.

Sonicare 3 series review

Main Features:

  • With 31,000 strokes per minute, Sonic 3 Series claims to offer seven times better cleaning the plague.
  • As per the Sonicare 3 series review, the toothbrush functions are quite easy to start so that even someone without much experience can also use it easily.
  • It comes along with important programs such as 3 settings for intensity, quad pacer, and smart timer for a much smoother experience each time. 
  • The battery life is great that offers functioning till 3 weeks when you have charged it just once.
  • It has a warranty of 2 years. 


The design of the Sonic 3 Series is clinical and comes in color white with detachable brush heads.

The brush handle is plastic-made and has a dotted texture for a firm grip at the back while you are brushing. 

The toothbrush is known to offer 31000 strokes per minute and is efficient in removing many plagues.

Another important part of the is the brush head. There are different options that you can use Gum Health, Diamond Care, and Intercare.

You may often forget to change the brush head even when you are using it for several days—the bristles’ faded color indicates that you need to change the brush head.

Sonicare 3 series review


The toothbrush is a mere 1 pound weight and is quite convenient to carry. Also, it comes with a travel case so that you can carry it with you for your travel without the risk of damaging it inside your luggage. 

Value for Money:

Sonic 3 Series is expensive when it is compared to many other electric toothbrush options available currently. But as per the , it has got quite beneficial features for the user.

The toothbrush comes with three different intensity levels so that the user can also choose their comfort level while brushing.

Its design, battery life, and indicator, and many other features should be surely kept in mind.

Though it is expensive compared to others, the features and benefits available in the toothbrush surely make it a value-for-money option. 


When you order the Sonic 3 Series, the package comprises the electric toothbrush, the brush head for the brush, a charging station for the brush, and the guide booklet.

If you wish to try out the other brush heads, you need to buy them separately. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can the Sonic 3 Series toothbrush oscillate?

Answer: No, this is not an oscillating toothbrush.

Q2. Is the Sonic 3 Series toothbrush water-resistant?

Answer: Yes, this electric toothbrush is very much water-resistant.

Q3. How long can I use the toothbrush with one charge?

Answer: Once charged, the battery will last for 21 days if you are brushing twice a day. 


If you search for a perfect and superb electric toothbrush, the Sonic 3 Series can be your best choice in your hands.

It can offer an excellent cleaning regime so that you can have a healthy and fresh mouth and dental experience always.

The battery life is also great compared to other options. It also has several such features that allow users of any age to use this toothbrush with ease.

The only challenge is, shows that it has a high price, but the beneficial features surely conceal this point.

Sonicare 3 series review

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