Autobrush Review 2023

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In recent times, we may see a surge in the use of automatic toothbrushes.

Due to such demand, several brands are coming up with various options to deliver the best option.

One such option is that of an auto brush.

The  will explain in detail the features, pros, and other facts about the device.


When you brush your teeth with your usual manual brush, you cannot clean up all teeth surfaces. But this task can be quickly done using an automatic brush such as that from the brand Autobrush. The product auto brush 4 comes along with several features to offer the right benefits to the users.

  • There are several buttons to operate the brush in different modes and for different purposes.
  • The design of the brush is such that it fits perfectly in the mouth.
  • It comes with great battery life.
  • Also, it shows the battery status so that you can use it or charge it accordingly.
  • Special toothpaste is required for this particular brush; otherwise, it may not show up the cleaning results at all.
  • Lights on the mouthpiece are not much efficient, and also, it does not clean the teeth much efficiently.
  • This particular brush from Autobrush is also expensive than any other options available.
Autobrush Review

Main Features:

The Autobrush 4 comes along with many features. The important features are mentioned in this autobrush review.  

  • It has three cleaning modes that are deep cleaning, massage, and care modes.
  • The BASS technology claims to remove the plague most efficiently.
  • It has a red light that is therapeutic for the health of the gums.
  • It offers the benefit of 2-in-1 whitening with the help of the LED blue lighting.
  • The silicone head of the brush is antibacterial to keep the bacteria away, keeping your mouth healthy. 
  • It is ideal for sensitive gums, and this does not allow bruising on the gums while cleaning your teeth. 


The is an upgraded version of the Autobrush 3. Several notable features make it entirely usable and efficient for the users, and the user can select from the three different cleaning modes.

When the deep cleaning mode is selected, you can feel the brush head moving around the gums to offer deep cleaning. 

The mouthpiece fits comfortably in the mouth so that you can have a smooth experience of dental cleaning.

There is a three-timer option among which you can select anyone. Apart from the timer, you can also manually stop the brush when needed.

Autobrush Review


With a weight of just 1.5 pounds, this particular brush from the auto brush is quite portable to use.

The mouthpiece is also designed so when the brush head is in the mouth; the brush body is such that you can hold it comfortably and can use the stop button on it also conveniently. 

Value for Money:

The  is not just about the features and the design of the brush. It is also about the value for money that the brush offers to its users.

Though the brush comes along with several features, it can get expensive for various reasons. 

The very first reason is that you cannot use regular toothpaste for this brush. It would help if you used only the specific toothpaste that is recommended for this particular toothbrush.

Also, you need to change the head of the brush every three months. 

When compared to many other products of the same league, too, you will find that Autobrush 4 is much expensive. 


The product comes alone just with 2 of its lithium batteries.

Even though it is recommended to use a specific toothpaste with this brush, there is no such toothpaste provided in the package.

This again is a significant backdrop for many customers for this product. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can Autobrush be used with braces on your mouth?

Answer: Yes, one can comfortably use the Autobrush for cleaning their teeth even with the braces on. 

Q2. Is Autobrush safe over fillings?

Answer: Yes, Autobrush is safe for fillings, veneers, and many other dental treatment options. 

Q3. Can you use regular toothpaste with Autobrush?

Answer: You can use your regular toothpaste, but the toothpaste recommended for the brush offers a much better cleaning result. 


The Autobrush 4 has made remarkable changes while upgrading from the Autobrush 3.

But as per the  and the added features, there are also some drawbacks of this product. Though it comes along with several cleaning modes, it still cannot clean properly.

With such results, it is also quite expensive among many other options that can offer better results.

Autobrush Review

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