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brings you a variety of kits and bundles for tooth whitening. It gives you a shiny and dazzling smile with the help of a simple procedure at home.

This whitening kit has a unique formula, removing stains of wine, coffee, etc., from your teeth. It bleaches your teeth even if you use it for 30 minutes per day.

It is delivered in beautiful and secure packaging. This kit gives you professional dental treatment in the comfort of your home.


is very simple and easy to use. LED lights used in this whitening kit is an added advantage to this product. The blue light is handy in removing deep stains from your teeth.

It can also be reused for unlimited times. This kit is absolutely safe to use, providing professional treatment at your home.

The laser light does not leave an unpleasant taste or sensitivity in your gums, giving you white shining teeth. It successfully removes years of stains from your teeth.


Though it takes an hour and a half per day to whiten your teeth, 30 minutes can cause you discomfort.

There’s not much visible difference in your teeth even after seven days of use.

Also, only nine treatments are possible with the whitening gel provided with the kit. Some of you may find it challenging to understand the directions as they are quite vague.

BrightWhite smiles

Main Features

The Bright White Smiles kit consists of a whitening gel and teeth whitening pens. By activating its ingredients, you can experience an effortless tooth whitening.

It includes an in-built timer that shuts itself off. It allows you to keep track of time by beeping at an interval of 10 minutes.

The blue LED lights have two batteries. It uses the gel and gives you whiter teeth in 30 minutes.

The advanced design of Bright White Smiles accelerator light has a frenulum notch feature that does not give you any irritation.

The kit is made with quality control and made of the best ingredients.


brings an easy-to-use tooth whitening kit to your home. The light is to be used once daily. With whitening gel, you use the light to reach the desired shade in the teeth whitening strips.

It is safer to use for enamel, and it does not have any side effects. It does produce sensitivity and is dentist-approved. Bright White Smiles products are vegan and sulfate-free. Hence, they are good to go.


The overall packaging and design of the kit are worthy of a 5-star. The extremely clean and modern kit contains two whitening gel syringes of 5 ml each.

The syringes are sleek and compact. It provides a tooth whitening LED light along with batteries.

A mouth tray is provided, which aids in the whitening process. It perfectly adjusts in your mouth and is kept in a storage case. A pamphlet containing simple instructions is added to the box to help you to use the kit.


The tooth whitening kit can be easily carried anywhere. It is handy. The mouth tray is kept in a storage case provided with the kit.

The syringes and LED kit are also portable. It is not big, and you can take it where you travel. 

Value for Money

The seems average. The product is well presented and beautifully designed so that it will value your money.

If you want more than nine treatments, you can buy Bright White Smile’s advanced kit. It gives you double the amount of gel to increase your number of treatments.

You can avail of a discount of over 27% and obtain extra gel along with it. It offers a guarantee of 30 days.

You don’t need to pay if your teeth don’t whiten in 30 days. So, this whitening kit has value for your money.

BrightWhite smiles


The Bright White Smile brings you a step closer to whiter teeth. At a discounted price, you can obtain this amazing tooth whitening kit.

The design and packaging of the product are super safe and beautiful. It is an easy-to-use kit at home. The results obtained are beyond expectations. This tooth whitening kit is worth buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bright White Smile safe to use?

It is absolutely safe to use. The laser light does not have any side effects. It does not cause sensitivity and is sulfate-free. After going through the instruction manual, you will find it easier and safer to use the kit.

Why is the bright white formula unique?

The uses 3 Primary Whitening Agents that gives you maximum results. It successfully removes both inner and outer tooth stains. The whitening gel acts in 10 minutes, causing no damage to the enamel. Their formula ensures no tooth erosion occurs.

Is It Safe for a Beginner in Teeth Whitening?

Actually, this is probably the best product to test out for someone who is just starting to explore a tooth whitening kit. 

It’s cheaper than most products in the market. So, this whole system of teeth whitening process can be an excellent tester for you without coughing big bucks!

It’s pretty easier to use, compact in size, not much maintenance required. All you have to do is clean the mouthpiece.

Speaking of a mouthpiece, it is quite flexible, and you can adjust it accordingly. In addition, the silicone material is quite durable as well.

As It Takes a Lot of Time (Around 30 Minutes), Can I Use It in A Bath or Shower?

Unlike more complex-looking products claiming high efficiency, this product has pretty simple mechanics. The LED light itself is independent of any external chords, solely operating on batteries, lightweight. 

Enjoy your bath; incorporate that 30 mins to 1 hour without much damage to the LED in case of contact with water.

However, don’t make it a habit since we don’t want to deteriorate its feature in the long run.

Will It Work on Stubborn Stains?

The gel used in this kit has bleaching agents to remove the yellow hue. If you see the video, her original shades were pretty average, leading her to visibly lighter shades after two rounds.

But stains can be a whole issue altogether, and you might need to get a professional to cleanse and whitening once in a while.

These stains are usually caused by beverages slightly higher in acidic levels like coffee, strong tea, alcohol, which causes an imbalance in pH levels. And not to forget nicotine stains.

If you want a more effective solution, you have to control this intake. Immediately drink water after coffee or tea to dilute the acid and maintain pH balance.

This product is a quick fix, will need consistent use for brighter shades on the scale.

 Will The Gel Cause Any Sensitivity Issues?

Sensitivity is a direct consequence of the bleaching agents penetrating through to the depths into your enamel.

If the product suggests that you have to keep it on for a longer time, the bleach sits on your teeth to get deeper than enamel, through to your dentinal, and strike your nerve endings. This causes that sharp pain or even tingling.

This product does claim that they are tested against sensitivity. 

But the composition contains 35% carbamide peroxide—slightly higher side of concentration. In short- high bleach content + prolonged application is bad for your teeth.

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