Primal Life Organics Teeth Whitening Reviews – Worth It?

Primal life organics teeth whitening reviews

Primal life Organics has gone unnoticed in the mass health market but slowly and surely it’s becoming one of the go to places for Dental and skin health. It’s gonna explode soon! But enough of the story, let’s talk about the topic for today which is the whitening system they have recently come out with. … Read more

Primal Life Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder Review (2024) – Why Choose This?

Primal life dirty mouth tooth powder

Using tooth powder instead of the traditional paste is not a new concept. There are still people who use sodium bicarbonate from time to time to give their teeth a thorough cleaning. But there are a lot of powders, including sodium bicarbonate that can be too abrasive for daily use. This is where Primal Life … Read more

Primal Life Organics Tooth Powder Reviews (2024) – Does It Work?

Primal life dirty mouth tooth powder

When it comes to brushing teeth, the first thing that comes to mind is toothpaste, and with good reason It’s the most advertised and commonly used product, plus that’s what you’ll find in the oral health care aisle of any supermarket. However there’s an alternative method called: Tooth Powder!. Never heard of it?  It works … Read more