How to Make Your Teeth Clean Before the Dentist?

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You definitely won’t like it if someone opens their mouth in front of you, and it looks disastrous, and you are getting a foul smell with a visible encounter of black yellowish teeth and tongue.

It gets worse and more complicated for the dentist if you have had too much caffeine before the visit. It won’t be ethical if you go to your dentist for a cleaning in this condition.

Thus, you must follow some precursory measures to avoid this encounter.

Proper oral hygiene before and after a dental visit is essential since it might play a critical role in determining the longevity of your treatment.

On the other hand, some dentists don’t recommend brushing too hard before a dental check-up since pressing too hard when brushing might damage your enamel.

In sum, preparing for a dentist appointment can be pretty overwhelming.

Not to worry: this post pinpoints practical and effective tips on how to make your teeth clean before the dentist check-up.

How to Make Your Teeth Clean Before the Dentist?

Whether it’s your first dental check-up or you have been visiting a dentist regularly, preparing for the visit is almost as vital as showing up. This, in turn, ensures your dental appointment goes as smoothly as possible.

You can do several things to ensure a fresh breath before visiting your dentist. But first of all, clean your mouth thoroughly. Below are a few tips on how to make your teeth clean before the dentist.

1. Brushing

Brush your teeth properly before your appointment. By properly, I mean, take your time to brush each corner smoothly.

Ensure you brush all the sides of your molars and the back of your mouth. Food particles stuck in the corners would not give a good impression of you to your dentist.

In addition, don’t forget to gently brush the tongue to get rid of bacteria, film, and debris that causes a foul smell.

Still, as already outlined, it would be best not to brush too hard as it can damage your enamel. Also, use a soft-bristled brush for the process.

2. Flossing

Brushing is ideal, but there is a possibility it won’t eliminate all the food particles and plaque stuck in the confined spaces between the teeth.

Moreover, if you are visiting your dentist for a regular check-up or dental cleaning, there is a tendency that your dentist would diagnose your mouth and remove your plaque.

But the plaque removal process can be painful if you do not floss regularly.

Do not depend completely on your doctor to remove the plaque and tartar. Do not let them deposit in the first place. Practice regular flossing to get rid of plaque. Your dentist may remove the leftover plaque, which would not be much painful.

Most importantly, while removing the plague, ensure you use a different floss segment to avoid transferring debris from space to space. 

3. Using Mouth Wash

This is the most crucial step on how to make your teeth clean before the dentist. Mouth Wash not only kill the bacteria and control the pH but also give you a fresh breath.

So even if you have a bad breathing problem, you can temporarily cure it using mouth wash.

Later you can share your concern with your dentist, and he can instruct you on tips to get rid of it.

The above steps are crucial to follow before visiting your dentist. These are not a one-day practice, and you must follow the above routine daily to maintain good oral health.

However, you must remember Rome was not built in a day.

Brush your teeth twice a day and use mouth wash often. And most importantly, do not neglect to floss. It also plays a significant role in keeping your mouth healthy.

Dental Hygiene Tips

To keep your oral hygiene intact, you must follow the following few tips every day. This way, your dental visit can reduce to twice a year.

  • Brush twice a day, use mouth wash, and floss at least once a day.
  • Clean your tongue every day.
  • Only use fluoride-based toothpaste.
  • Drink more water
  • Wash your mouth thoroughly after every meal
  • Eat crispy fruits and vegetables
  • Do not consume acidic or sweet dishes in heavy amounts.


If you are panicking on how to make your teeth clean before the dentist appointment, then don’t worry. It is very normal to panic even if you take good care of your mouth.

If you are afraid of getting judged by your dentist for your dental condition, you must know that your dentist must look after your teeth and diagnose them properly.

The treatment and diagnosis are going to be smooth and honest. But still, if you are nervous, you can also follow the above steps to make your teeth clean before the dentist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Supposed to Brush Your Teeth Before Going to The Dentist?

Yes, you should brush your teeth before visiting your dentist. This makes your teeth clean, and your dentist would not face any problem in diagnosing the problem.

How Can I Improve My Teeth Before the Dentist Appointment?

Maintain proper oral hygiene every day, and before visiting, you can brush your teeth for additional freshness.

How Do You Trick Your Dentist into Thinking, You Floss?

It is not a good idea to trick your dentist. They are supposed to help you with your dental problems, and if you think of tricking them, you are making your loss.

How Long After Fluoride Can You Drink Coffee?

It would be best to wait at least an hour after receiving fluoride before drinking coffee or consuming any drink or meals. While at it, it’s vital to avoid any hot beverages and any crunchy or hard foods as they may scrape off the fluoride.

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