What Is The Bass Method Of Toothbrushing?

The Bass Method Of Toothbrushing is a technique used to disrupt the pathogenic bacteria below the gum lines where normal brushes cannot effectively reach.

A bass toothbrush has much fewer bristles than your average brush which helps it reach those awkward crevices in and around the teeth including the gum line.

Micro vibrations is the technique used to help disrupt these bacteria.

It is important to get to the gum line because this is the location where the dirty bugs like to hide and build a long term home.

Bulldozing this area with an antimicrobial solution and a bass toothbrush will give you the optimum chance of curing your gum disease and help you navigate to a greater oral health.

Any Evidence For It Actually Working?

There are many studies proving the effectiveness of bass brushing and here is an example of a study carried out in India.

The study was carried out in 2014 and compared 3 different brushing techniques in 6-8 year old children. A total of 180 children were selected and divided into 3 groups.

Group A was told to brush using the horizontal scrub technique, Group B were instructed to use Fones technique and Group C were left with the modified bass technique.

The children were examined after 24 hours and the results showed significant reduction in plaque in the group who used the modified Bass technique.

The horizontal scrub technique came second and the least effective was Fones technique.

This clearly shows that when bass brushing method is implemented correctly, it will reduce the plaque and in turn reduce the pathogenic bacterial levels in the gum tissue leading to a healthier mouth. Here is the Study if you want to read up on it in detail.

Who Invented This Bass Brushing Technique?

bass method toothbrushing

That’s a good question, and we have the answer: Dr Charles Cassedy Bass was the founder of the Bass technique and also developed better ways to floss. For this reason he is known as “the Father Of Preventative Dentistry”.

He commenced his research into dental health in 1914 but it was only in 1940 when he retired from his post at the university that he dwelled into the world of understanding and preventing certain conditions such as caries and periodontal disease.

He studied the epithelial attachment and plaque accumulation, identifying what he termed the “zdec” or “zone of disintegrating epithelial attachment cuticle,” which he felt was the spot to fight gum disease for maximum effectiveness.

He saw that plaque took 24 hours to form, and concluded that, clean tooth does not decay and periodontoclasia does not occur around a clean tooth.

bass method toothbrushing

Dr. Bass developed precise specifications for his brush and floss.

The brush was to be six inches long, 7/16 of an inch wide, and three rows of bristles, six tufts per row, 80 bristles per tuft, and each bristle 0.007 inch in diameter with a rounded end.

Another important thing to mention is that he himself suffered form periodontal disease and lost 2 teeth.

His dentist told him he would lose all of them but that did not happen. He died at the age of 100 years and still had a full set of teeth (apart from the 2 which fell out).

This clearly shows that Dr Bass knew a lot about oral health and we should be following in his footsteps.

Is There A Special Way To Use The Bass Toothbrush

Before we get to the technique, lets take a look at the tool that will be used.

It’s a Bass toothbrush but it differs from other brushes because firstly, it has fewer bristles and they are more spaced out on the brush head.

Most toothbrushes have too many bristles which makes it difficult to wiggle between the teeth and down to the gum line.

The other feature of the Bass toothbrush is the bristle tips are rounded, polished and smooth. This stops it from scraping on the gums and causing unnecessary trauma.

How To

  1. Hold the brush gently and point it at a 45 degree angle on the gum line
  2. Place the toothbrush at a spot and start wiggling the brush back and forth in small vibrating movements. It doesn’t feel like brushing your teeth at all but it is very effective, so give it time and you will adjust.
  3. Count to 5 and then move along to the next area and repeat step 2 until you have covered the entire mouth
  4. Once the gums are brushed you can now brush the surface of your teeth. Same applies in that you want to be very gentle and use circular motions.

Here is a video which shows you the Bass technique in action: (skip to the 04.56 minute mark to see it in action)

Why Is Brushing The Gums Important?

Gums are essential in keeping your teeth intact, if they are damaged then the structure of tooth and roots become exposed to more bacteria and will lead to periodontal disease and in turn, tooth loss.

A lot of the times people just completely miss the gum line area and just brush the surfaces of the teeth.

In other cases they brush the gums vigorously which cases severe damage to the gums and leads to abrasion recession.

Dr. Bass was diagnosed with advanced gum disease and instructed by his dentist to have all of his teeth extracted.

Dr. Bass had already discovered many parasites using his microscope, so rather than take his dentist’s advice, Dr. Bass put his skills toward figuring out what was causing the destruction in his mouth.

Bass tooth brushing was his solution and it eradicates both the problems mentioned above, so start today and work on your technique and eventually you will become the master of bass brushing.

Difference Between Bass & Modified Bass Brushing

The only difference between the bass brushing method to the modified bass technique is the extra sweeping motions.

With the modified brushing method, you do everything the same as you would in the bass method but in addition you also brush the cervical to incisal or occlusal surface.

bass method toothbrushing

In other terms you brush behind and the top of the teeth in a back and forth position. This is so every area of the teeth is thoroughly cleaned.

It can get quite confusing so I would suggest you just stick with the basics and try the regular bass method until you get the hang of it.

Use An Antimicrobial Paste With This Method

It’s all well and good trying to reach at the gums and disrupt bacteria but if your not going to kill them, you are wasting your time.

You must use something that can eradicate the disease causing bacteria and only then will you see an improvement in your gums.

Regular toothpaste is alright at keeping teeth clean but to truly get down and beyond the gum line you need to have an oil based antibacterial solution that can be active for much longer than your traditional toothpastes.bass method toothbrushing

That is why we recommend you try out the Orawellness Healthy Mouth Blend.

Some benefits of orawellness healthy mouth blend include:

  • Healing bad breath
  • Supports stressed tissue to start healing itself
  • Helps to remineralize tooth decay by increasing saliva production.

Best Place To Get A Complete Oral Care System

The healthy mouth blend is produced by a company called Orawellness and they specialise in holistic based remedies for your oral health.

I’m personally a big fan because I have tried their Shine remineralizing powder and have seen great results. For one, my sensitivity has drastically reduced after just using it for a week.

Their products really do work and best of all they provide us with a 365-Day Money Back Guarantee. That’s a win:win situation for everybody.

They currently have a starter kit that includes:bass method toothbrushing

  • 1 bottle of OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend
  • 1 specially-designed Bass toothbrush
  • 1 OraWellness tongue cleaner

Honestly that’s all you need to get started. It currently costs $29.94 which is quite cheap for a complete kit and as I mentioned before, they give you a fully backed 1 year Guarantee and great customer service!

If you have the money and the desire to fix your oral health, this could be an option for you.

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The Bass tooth brushing technique is simply about using a toothbrush which contains fewer bristles than a normal brush and gently vibrating it along the gum line to disrupt the bacteria.

When you combine this brushing technique with an antimicrobial solution you will see your gums becoming healthier again and this is because the solution will destroy the disease causing bugs.

If your serious about fixing your oral hygiene, learning how to brush your teeth properly is the first step in achieving this goal.

And Orawellness will help you do this. It’s worked for me and hopefully it will work for you too.

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