Natural Remedy For Gum Disease – All Organic And No Side effects!

Nowadays we are hearing these terms such as Natural and Organic everywhere. Everyone is becoming more aware of the dangers that chemically induced ingredients can have on our health.

orawellness healthy mouth blend

So naturally when i came across the orawellness healthy mouth blend i was intrigued by its claim to be 100% organic and researched to see if it had the same benefits as some of the other oral care products and to see if it is a legitimate natural remedy for gum disease.

What Is Healthy Mouth Blend?

It is an oil based liquid toothpaste which has been created using organic plant essences. Humans have been using these for thousands of years for their excellent medicinal properties.

what intrigued me was the claim that it can stop and even reverse the effects of gum disease which i know many of you reading are interested in aswell.

Some of the other benefits of orawellness healthy mouth blend:

  • Healing bad breath
  • Supports stressed tissue to start healing itself
  • Helps to remineralize tooth decay by increasing saliva production. More information on how teeth remineralize can be found here 

Im not sure if all the things the product states are true or not but if the ingredients are all natural then i suppose there wont be any adverse side effects which is a massive bonus in my book.

4 Powerful Ways You Can Use Orawellness Healthy Mouth Blend

Standard brushing…

This is the most popular way to use healthy mouth blend. You can use it on it’s own or you can add it to your normal toothpaste or the Shine remineralizing tooth powder. I personally made the mistake of not getting the healthy mouth blend with my shine tooth powder. Next time i will definitely be buying both together to get the maximum effect.

All you have to do is apply 4 drops of the mouth blend onto your toothbrush and brush normally. Best results with this are seen if you use it 2 times per day for a duration of 2 minutes.

Tongue Brushing To eliminate chronic bad breath

Brushing the tongue is quite often disregarded or forgotten about but did you know the surface of the tongue contains millions of bacteria. If not treated, will lead to bad breath

We recommend you brush your tongue with the HealThy Mouth Blend after scraping the tongue with a tongue scraper. This method will give you the optimum results and make sure your breath stays fresh 24/7.

As a Mouthwash…

Alcohol based mouthwash are not as effective as we once thought, this is because alcohol dries out the mouth and reduces salivary flow. This actually increases bacterial populations in the long term rather than decreasing them.

The healthy mouth blend contains no alcohol and is oil based meaning it will stick to the teeth giving them an extra coating of protection.

To use it as a mouthwash, simply place 2-4 drops in a small amount of water and swish for 1-2 minutes to reduce the bad bugs in the mouth, freshen the breath AND increase saliva production all at the same time.

On Floss…

Placing a drop between your index finger and thumb and running a piece of floss through the oils coats the floss with the healing plant oils in the HealThy Mouth Blend. Flossing with this method provides an even deeper method to get the balancing power of the formula deeper in the gum pockets especially between molars where gum disease is easiest to spread!

Here’s a short, instructional video tutorial which demonstrates these 4 powerful strategies on how to use the Healthy Mouth Blend:

Who Should Buy It?

Anyone can use this product, even if you are a child, pregnant or breast feeding but you can and should always get a second opinion. Just ask your mid wife or doctor and see what they say. We are sure they will be okay with it because this oil is not at full strength making it user friendly for everyone.

It might be comforting for you to know that we have 100’s of testimonials from happy moms and moms­-to-be who have used this product through pregnancy and breastfeeding to help them navigate to greater oral health. You can read the reviews at the Official HealThy Mouth Blend Page.

Long story short, this product is for anyone who has gum problems or any oral hygiene problem for that matter. If you are using products with artificial chemicals and are not seeing any results then i suggest  trying something different because…

Everyone Is Unique.

Something that works for one person will not work for the other so you need to keep trying until you find something the works for you.

Here Are Some Of The Pros

  • All natural ingrediants – No additives, toxins or artificial business going on here.
  • Tastes great – leaves your mouth smelling fresh for a longer period of timenatural remedy for gum disease
  • Can be used as toothpaste alternative – the oil can be used instead of toothpaste and can double up as a mouth wash. Everything you need in 1 bottle
  • Gradually whitens teeth if used for a period of time – This is more of a side bonus of using the product for a prolonged period of time.
  • Nut Free Version – If you are allergic to almonds then you can buy an alternative blend.

A Few Negatives To Mention

  • I dont know if this is a bad thing but it costs $22.97 which is on the higher end of the price range but if used according to the instructions it will last you upto a 3 months which makes it a decent long range product.
  • The bottle only contains 15ml and some customers have found it hard to get the oil out of the bottle.

There’s only around 1% of people who have had this problem with the bottle not squeezing the oil out but i guess they were not using the proper technique.

Watch the video above which shows you exactly how to dispense the oil out

just a quick side note on this:

Since open air can negatively impact the shelf life of our HealThy Mouth Blend, each bottle has a plastic ‘euro dropper’ insert that dispenses the product while keeping the air exchange to a very minimum.

When you get down to the bottom of a bottle, the euro dropper can make it difficult to reach the final drops. The good news is it’s removable!

To access the last few drops in your bottle of HealThy Mouth Blend, simply pop out the plastic euro dropper insert.

We nearly forgot to mention that this product also carries a:

Humongous 365 Day Money Back Guarantee!

I dont know any health company doing this which tells us they are really confident in the products they sell. Keep in mind this only applies to physical products that they sell which is like 99%.

For digital products they have a 30 day money back guarantee which is pretty standard.

If you are interested in the product please head on over to the official Healthy Mouth Blend Page and browse around to see which offer suits you best.

Lets Investigate The Organic Ingredients Further

Cinnamon Leaf

orawellness healthy mouth blend

Cinnamon oil is found from the bark or the leaves of the plant. You will find several naturally occurring chemicals such as cinnamaldehyde, trans-cinnamic acid and eugenol.

It is thought that using this oil regularly will help reduce your cavities, help keep your gums healthy and strong and most importantly kill the bacteria that causes periodontal disease.


natural remedy for gum disease

Manuka has immense antibacterial properties that are effective in treating gum disease and preventing tooth decay. One of the factors that help with this is due to an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide which is one of the main antibacterial activities going on.

It Also reduces acid in the mouth which stops bacteria producing dextran, one of the components of dental plaque.


natural remedy for gum disease

Myrrh is a sap like substance that comes from the tree on your left, commonly found in Africa and the middle east and is one of the most widely used essential oils in the world.

It is frequently used to treat gum problems due to its astringent and antiseptic properties. It helps with gum infections, shrinking gums, and stops teeth becoming loose.

What’s really great is the fact it combats periodontitis and helps when gums are already inflamed.

Mix all the ingredients and Presto, you have a Super Drug!

 What Are Customers Saying?

Over 95% of people who bought The Mouth blend absolutely love it and dont want to go back to their old toothpastes. Here are some of the things mentioned:

“Have been using this for many years now and will never go back to regular toothpaste”. Published by Rose Harvey.

“I heard about this product from well known nutritionist and lifestyle expert – and it does not disappoint! My husband and I have been using it for about a year and a half. Great product, family owned and made with Aloha! I highly recommend :)”. Published by Justine Shelton

“Great product. Makes mouth feel fresh. Too soon to know if it has helped with my receding gums. Will update when I know!.” Published by RDivine

Like with any other product on the market you will always have some negative comments, all be it a very low percentage.

So lets see some of the bad things people have to say:

“Dont see any difference. Well it’s worth trying out from what I read online about this.” Published by ManhattanNative

“This cap was not correct, came out way too fast, drops cap missing, PLEASE send partial refund, had to order another way too soon as cap not there.” Published by DeAne J Urban

“The bottle I got, the oil won’t come out, so I have to give the product one star. I’ve ordered this in the past and it’s worked well but I can’t use it like this.” Published by Rey W

To be honest with you the negative reviews dont seem all that bad to me personally. It’s more about people not being able to get the drops out of the bottle (video above shows you how).

Where Can I Purchase The Healthy mouth blend

Orawellness Healthy Mouth Blend Review
  • Effective
  • Helps Bleeding gums
  • Helps Swollen gums
  • Prevents Bad breath
  • Helps Periodontal disease
  • All natural Ingredients
  • Different Ways To Use It
  • Refreshing Taste

If you are on the search for a natural remedy for gum disease then orawellness healthy mouth blend is the product for you. Your in a win win situation because the product your buying is 100% natural with no adverse side affects, unless your allergic to one of the ingrediants, in which case you a boogered.

orawellness healthy mouth blend

Another reason you should buy the product is because you are in a position where you cannot lose anything. A 365 day money back guarantee gives you that peace of mind 🙂

The mouth blend is available here: OraWellness Mouth Blend

It costs a cool $22.97 which is reasonable for a product that works for the majority of people and lasts between 2-6 months depending on how you use it.


Gum disease is not nice, it lowers your confidence and you start to smile less and less. If your in the early to middle stages of gum disease (gingivitis) then you have ample opportunity to sort it out.

The orawellness mouth blend is one product that has the potential to give you your sexy smile back. It is unique because it is naturally sourced and the oils contained within it have been studied to be excellent at fighting disease causing oral bacteria.

There are over 500 reviews with 99% being positive and you also get a 365 day money back guarantee which puts you in a win-win situation.

Do something About Your Oral Health Now To Reap The Benefits In The Future!

Healthy Mouth Blend F.A.Q

Q. Does Healthy Mouth Blend have an expiration date?

A. Opened: Should be stored away from direct sunlight and heat. Use within 1 year of opening and make sure to close the lid when not in use as air exchange will weaken the essential oils strength.

Unopened: If kept away from sunlight, heat and open air the product will last for years.

Q. How long does a bottle last?

A. It contains 15ml which equates to around 450 drops. It will generally last for 2-4 months.

Q. Is Healthy mouth blend safe for cancer patients?

A. Absolutely. All ingrediants are natural and in fact there are testimonials from customers that have said their painful mouth sores have gone, which are so common during cancer treatments.

orawellness healthy mouth blend

I hope this article has helped you realise there are alternative natural treatments for dental problems available on the market that have been working for people for years. Don’t get left behind.

If you still have any lingering questions that you felt were left unanswered please leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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