Oral-B Pro 500 Review

The Oral-B Pro 500 toothbrush is one of the most popular electric toothbrushes on the market.

It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to improve their oral hygiene or is looking for a more effective way to get rid of plaque and tartar build up.

Oral-B Pro 500 Electric Toothbrush
Oral-B Pro 500 Electric Toothbrush
Oral-B Pro 500 Electric Toothbrush
Our Score
  • Removes up to 100 percent more plaque vs a regular manual toothbrush
  • 2D cleaning electric toothbrush head oscillates, and rotates to break up and remove 100 percent more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush
  • 2 minute timer signals when to stop brushing teeth
  • One charge of the electric toothbrush lasts for 5 days of brushing
  • Oral-B is the no. 1 dentist-recommended toothbrush brand worldwide

Let’s dive deep into this review.

Overview Of The Oral-B Pro 500

The Oral-B Pro 500 is a smart toothbrush that can be programmed to your own specific brushing needs, from sensitive teeth to whitening.

The remote control allows you to change the settings on the device in order to ensure that it’s working with whatever situation you’re in at any given time, whether that’s morning or night, or while traveling.

The Oral-B Pro 500 can also be used as a timer and alert system through its two buttons: one for start/stop and another for setting reminders of when to floss or see your dentist.

This feature alone makes this product worth considering if you have children who may forget their dental appointments!

Pros & Cons Of The Oral-B Pro 500


  • The brush head is very easy to remove and replace, which helps prevent dirt and bacteria from accumulating in the bristles. This can help keep your toothbrush fresh for longer periods of time.
  • The Oral-B Pro 500 comes with three different modes: Daily Clean, Deep Sweep and Tongue Cleaner. Each mode has its own unique cleaning action so you can customize how you want your toothbrush to do its job! This is great if you have sensitive gums or braces because it will give them all kinds of attention (and not just floss).


  • If you don’t use the built-in timer function often enough—or at all—you may find yourself running out of batteries before your next scheduled cleaning session begins (which is annoying).

Features & Benefits Of Oral-B Pro 500

  • 2D cleaning action oscillates and rotates to remove more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush.
  • A single mode
    • Daily Clean

The Oral-B Pro 500 has this feature that can be used to give you two minutes of brushing before it stops for another thirty seconds of brushing while also giving you anywhere from one minute up to three minutes worth of additional brushing time depending on which setting you’re using when using it.

How The Oral-B Pro 500 Compares To Other Oral-B Toothbrush Options

The Pro 500 is a more powerful, but less expensive option than the sensitive or power toothbrushes.

It’s also smaller than most of the other brushes on the market, so it might be better suited for younger users who are still growing teeth or those with smaller mouths.

How Does The Oral-B Pro 500 Compare To Normal Toothbrushes

The Oral-B Pro 500 is a much more powerful toothbrush than your typical manual toothbrush, with a brush head that’s 1.2 times greater in size and 3 times as fast.

This means you’ll get an even better clean since all the bristles are working harder to remove plaque from your teeth.

Another big difference between this model and other oral-b models is that it comes with a built-in timer so you can see how long you’ve been brushing for (and not forget to spit out).

This feature makes it easy for people who don’t have time in the morning or evening because they’re always running late!

The Oral-B Pro 500 also has smart timer technology which activates every 30 seconds while brushing so there’s no need for extra pressure on sensitive areas like gums or tongue/tongue surfaces when flossing either…

Battery Life Of The Oral-B Pro 500

The Oral-B Pro 500 has a standard battery life of 3 weeks, which is longer than most electric toothbrushes.

This is because the Oral-B Pro 500 uses a lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 3 weeks on one charge.

Lithium-ion batteries are often used in smartphones and laptops because they’re able to retain their charge much longer than other types of batteries (such as nickel cadmium or alkaline).

Comfortability Of The Oral-B Pro 500

The Oral-B Pro 500 is a very comfortable electric toothbrush. The handle, grip and head are all made of soft rubber and they’re easy to hold on to.

You’ll also find that the bristles are quite soft and flexible, so they don’t hurt your gums like some other electric brushes might when you first use them.

This makes it easier for you to get an effective clean without any pain or irritation in your mouth.

The battery life of this model is also pretty impressive!

It lasts for about two weeks between charges which means that if you have kids at home who need their teeth brushed regularly (or yourself), then this will work out perfectly fine as long as there isn’t much activity going on during those times.

This should be rare anyway since brushing should always come before eating breakfast!

Effectiveness Of The Oral-B Series Pro 500 Toothbrush (How Clean Does It Get Your Teeth)

In this section, we’ll look at the effectiveness of the Oral-B Pro 500. First, let’s talk about how clean it gets your teeth.

To get a truly clean mouth, you need to use the right number of strokes.

The recommended number is 2 minutes per quadrant (the area between each tooth), but some people prefer 3 or 4 minutes per quadrant and still others go even longer than 5 minutes per quadrant.

You also want to brush thoroughly as well as long and gently when using an electric toothbrush.

This will help prevent damage caused by brushing too hard or too fast on natural bristles found in non-electric brushes such as manual flossers or interdental brushes which do not vibrate like electric ones do.

When activated by batteries inside them making them less effective at removing plaque from between teeth where bacteria hide out waiting for food particles before they enter our bloodstreams where they cause various problems including heart disease due to inflammation caused by inflammation after eating foods rich in sugar content (like soda).

Where To Buy The Oral-B Pro 500 Toothbrush

The Oral-B Pro 500 is available on Amazon, Walmart and Target. You can also find it at Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco and CVS Pharmacy.

Price Of The Oral-B Pro 500 Toothbrush

The price of the Oral-B Pro 500 varies depending on where you buy it, but generally speaking it’s much more expensive than a normal toothbrush. On Amazon, for example, they start at $49.99 and go up to $74.99 (with free shipping).

That means that if you’re willing to pay the extra money for something that has all those fancy bells and whistles and promises to keep your teeth in tip top shape then this is definitely an option for you!

Is The Oral-B Pro 500 Toothbrush Worth The Price?

If you have a limited budget and the choice is between a manual toothbrush and an electric one, then the Oral-B Pro 500 is probably your best option.

It has all of the features that make it worth paying more for than most other electric brushes on the market today.

Who The Oral-B Pro 500 Is For

The Oral-B Pro 500 is a great option for anyone who wants to improve their dental health, oral hygiene, gum health and the health of their teeth. It’s also ideal if you want to keep your gums healthy and strong by making sure they’re not vulnerable to plaque buildup.

The Oral-B Pro 500 is especially useful if you have sensitive teeth or underlying pain problems that make brushing difficult.

It can even help reduce bleeding when using coarse bristles on the outer surface of your gums (the area where plaque builds up).

Who The Oral-B Pro 500 Is Not For

The Oral-B Pro 500 isn’t the right choice for anyone who is looking for a cheap toothbrush.

It costs more than the standard toothbrushes you can get at your local grocery store, and that’s not because it’s made of gold or platinum.

It’s just expensive because it has all of these fancy bells and whistles that make your teeth feel better.

If you’re one of those people who don’t have time to brush their teeth every day (or even once every two days), then this model might not be for you either.

There are other models on the market with higher ratings that offer more convenience features like timers, built-in whitening trays/accessories and wireless connectivity so they can be paired with an app on your phone instead of needing individual charging stations set up around the house like some other electric toothbrushes require users do nowadays!


The Oral-B Pro 500 has a lot going for it.

It’s a high-quality, well-designed toothbrush that can keep your mouth clean and your smile bright.

And if you’re looking for something with more bells and whistles than the standard Oral B model?

Well, we have good news: There are plenty of options out there with all sorts of features like Bluetooth connectivity (which we love), wireless charging, built-in timers (for daily brushing sessions) or even smart toothpaste dispensers!

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