How To Treat Tooth Abscess Naturally (Complete Guide)

Today you will learn about the strategy that I and many other people have used to control and in some cases helped cure tooth abscess naturally.

Before we get to the treatment I want to talk about this problem in a bit more detail and explain how it occurs and why it occurs.

So stayed tuned to finally get the answers you came for unless you are in a rush then just scroll down to the treatment section and see how its used.

What Is A Tooth Abscess?

Cure tooth abscess naturally

Dental abscess is a term used to describe localised collection of pus in the alveolar bone at the root apex of the tooth.

Bacteria gain access to the pulp tissues of the tooth through:

• Cracked tooth

• Leaking dental restorations such as crowns or fillings

• Lateral canal

This swelling of the gums and pus formation is a mechanism used by the body to keep bacteria at bay.

Basically the white blood cells go to the area of concern and sacrifice themselves to stop the infection spreading further.

Accumulation of these cells is what causes the pus formation.

There are two types of Abscess:

  1. Periapical tooth abscess

This is the most common type of abscess found in people and it affects the root canal of the teeth due to an infection (endodontic).

This infection only occurs in teeth where its inner structure called the pulp is dead. This could be due to trauma to the teeth or its simply been destroyed due to a cavity.

Patients suffering with this form of abscess usually feel mild to severe pain and swelling.

Other knock on illnesses such as fever, headache and nausea are quite common.

Some cases have been reported to cause major complications and even death, so its really important to see a doctor or dentist if you suddenly feel pain in the mouth.

2. Periodontal abscess

This is where the pus collects in the connective tissue wall of a pocket and is often seen in patients with periodontitis. The

Cure tooth abscess naturally

infection occurs through accumulation of bacteria due to food getting stuck between tooth and gums.

Other causes include bacterial infection localized to the deep periodontal pocket.

Patients suffering with this form of abscess notice their gums swelling up and a throbbing pain.

The pus may discharge from the gum and this causes a foul smell and taste in the mouth.

Again if you notice a sudden pain coming from the mouth area, you should seek medical help ASAP!.

What Are Some Main Causes Of Abscess

The mouth naturally contains bacteria and no matter what you do you will never get rid of them.

The only thing is proper management of teeth through a good oral hygiene routine. If this is ignored then bacteria will build up and form a sticky film called plaque.

The acids produced from this start to decay the surrounding teeth.

Abscess is most commonly caused when tooth decay is left untreated and it allows bacteria deep into the teeth. Some other causes of tooth abscess are:

  • Food stuck between teeth and gums
  • Cracked tooth
  • Trauma
  • Rough tooth brushing 

Remember, people who have poor oral hygiene are more likely to get tooth abscess.

If you one of those people then please take heed and start taking care of you teeth before its too late.

Why Did My Tooth Abscess Come About Suddenly?

Abscess formation

The symptoms mentioned above are all characterized as an acute abscess. This type spreads fast and causes pain and discomfort in a short period of time.

Chronic Abscess

This is where the abscess forms slowly and overtime and may cause no pain whatsoever.

This can be dangerous as the patient will not know they even have it, and can only be seen through an X-ray scan.

This is most likely to be a Periapical abscess spreading gradually throughout the tooth and down to the root and its surrounding tissues.

The pus may create a tunnel through the bone and tissue known as fistula. This is what allows the pus to drain and looks like a pimple.

If you see or feel something like this then its a sign you need to go and visit a dentist.

What Treatment Options Are Available…

The first and foremost step is to get the pus drained out of you mouth and then treat the source of the problem. This will depend on the type of abscess you have.

Periapical abscess

Periapical abscess

This type is usually treated with a Root Canal which involves drilling down to the pulp of the affected tooth and widening the root canals using small files.

This enables the pus to be drained and the cavity is cleaned and disinfected.

This treatment may take up to several visits to complete.

Between each visit the dentist applies an antibiotic paste to keep the teeth free from infection.

At the final visit they will check there is no infection present and if its all clear they will proceed to carry out a permanent filling.

In some cases a dental crown may be needed if the damage to the teeth was severe.

Periodontal Abscess

This type is pretty straightforward in terms of the treatment options.

The dentist will assess the area and in some cases a gentle pressure could release the pus just like a pimple on you face.

In some cases they will need to make a small incision to get to the affected area. The dentist will then use a small probe to scrape the abscess away.

Sometimes they might give you antibiotics to help you recover faster and the most commonly prescribed one is Amoxicillin as it tends to work the best.

In my opinion there are some serious consequences to Root canal and extractions.

Some top dentists have said they do not tend to carry out crowns, extractions and root canals.

Some say that a root canal or crown is only necessary on teeth which has incorrect dental procedure performed.

Tooth implants, and tooth bridges have many negatives.

If you leave a hole after extracting a tooth, you teeth can start sliding around and you bite can get messed up leading to pain in you jaw, or neurological problems.

Is There Anything Else I can Use To Cure Tooth Abscess Naturally?

Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil!

Now this is something I came across at a forum. People were discussing natural ways to eradicate Tooth abscess and this was the most popular method talked about.

Oregano oil is made from the leaves and flowers of oregano (origanum vulgare), a hard bushy herb belonging to the mint family.

It is found in Mediterranean regions. Ancient Greeks and Romans used it as a medicine for various problems.

This baby works for sores, abscess’s and tooth aches. It is very potent because it’s so concentrated but that’s why it works so good.

It’s basically a painkiller, antibiotic and anti inflammatory all in one.

What’s The Best Way To Use It

The best way to use it, is by rubbing it around you gums and directly where you abscess is. Do this 3 times a day and make sure you don’t drink anything or rinse you mouth for at least 30 minutes after you applied the oil.

Cue tip

First way is getting a cue tip and add 3 drops of the oregano oil and apply to the affected area. You might want to stand next to a sink as it will make you salivate quite a bit and because it tastes horrible.

Second way is if you have an abscess right under a broken tooth or an open cavity you can actually get into. You can do 7 drops of olive oil to 1 drop of oregano oil and apply to the affected area.

The third way is if you have problems around the gum line area. Get a tablespoon of olive oil and mix in 4 drops of the oregano oil and start swishing it around you mouth for at least 3 minutes. You should see results after the first use if you follow the instructions given here.

The first time you apply this oil, you mouth will burn like hell. I mean it might be unbearable but keep at it and you will see you dental abscess dissolve away rapidly.

Are There Any Other Side Effects I Need To Know About

No not really but please pay attention to the precautionary notes:

  • Do not use this long term as oregano oil is known to interfere with iron production in you body.
    You just want to use itPregnant woman until you abscess is gone or toothache or whatever else problem you have with you mouth
  • If you on blood thinners, you should know that oregano oil is also a natural blood thinner so be mindful of this fact.
  • Also, if your pregnant or nursing then be careful and seek medical advice from professionals before continuing on with this treatment.
  • And of course not to mention, if you have any allergies to mint or sage or lavender. Basically anything from the basil family then you need to avoid using this oil unless you want an allergic reaction.

I Am Ready To Try This Natural Remedy, Where Do I Get The Oregano From?

Firstly there are various types of oils out there with different strengths. You need the one which is high strength because it will work better and faster.

Some manufacturers dilute the oil right down rendering it pretty much useless, please avoid this.

The Best oil that has been recommended to me was:

Oregano oil for teeth

North American Herb & Spice Oregano Oil

This oil has been directly sourced from the Mediterranean, is high grade and GMO free.

Another reason I can trust this product is its reviews and how many there are. Over 1000 reviews left and an average rating of 4.5/5. That’s pretty close to perfect

If you interested in trying it out, you can purchase the oil over at Amazon.

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