Emu Oil For Teeth Is Powerful When Taken Properly!

What The hell is Emu Oil and does it even help with teeth?

That’s what we were wondering when we first came across this natural oil and what we read came as a surprise to all of us…

There are instances where using Emu Oil For Teeth did in fact help people with gum disease and that’s because there are special properties contained within the oil that makes it special.

In this article we will go into detail about Emu oil and its benefits and will be comparing it to some other essential oils to see which ones are the best when it comes to Oral health.

What Is Emu Oil

emu oil for teeth

Emu oil is extracted from Emu birds that are native to the Australian outback. It is the worlds second largest bird after the ostrich and has something called the fat pad on its back.

This is where the oil comes from. Basically the fat pad contains all the minerals and water that the bird will require while it is nesting because it will go without food and drink for around 52 days whilst incubating its eggs.

Apparently the reason why Emu oil is so good for teeth is because it contains the powerful vitamin K2 also known as activator X according to Dr Weston Price.

No wonder the aboriginal Australians were healthy, they had access to Emu oil regularly and so their oral health was in tip-top condition.

This is backed up by Dr Weston Price because he actually studied the diets of these people and found that the foods they were consuming were rich in vitamins and minerals.

It’s Not Just Teeth!

To be honest this oil is extremely powerful as a skin moisturiser because it contains the same fatty acid profile as our skin cells which means the oil can integrate into the skin at a much faster rate.

It penetrates through all 7 layers of skin. Even though it is an oil, it doesn’t clog pores, has anti-inflammatory and skin proliferative properties, and has some natural UV protection properties.

So if you have any adverse skin conditions, emu oil will give you great results. Much better than any plant based products.

Why isn’t It FDA Approved

Emu oil is such a niche subject, not a lot of people know about it so of course when they come across it they will simply brush it aside like its nothing.

And if there isn’t any funding going into a product then getting it tested and approved is nearly impossible.

For instance, a normal study comprising of 40 test subjects will cost around $80,000 but for an FDA certification, you will be looking closer to $1,000,000 for a large study.

A big company can fork out such amounts because they have the money and resources to do it.

There is simply no incentive to put this kind of money into FDA approval for a non proprietary product.

Each application for emu oil would have to endure the expense of a full FDA application process. Then Anyone selling emu oil for an approved application could use that data to their benefit.

Does The Bird Get Harmed During The Emu Oil Extraction

emu oil for teeth

YES, It gets killed!, there is no other way to get the oil out but its not as bad as you think because Emu’s are not endangered animals, in fact, they are used as live stock because they are environmentally friendly, and nearly all parts of the bird are used and they will thrive only under humane conditions.

Emu oil is more of a secondary product that is obtained because they are primarily slaughtered for their meat which is high quality.

It is a very healthy, red and low-fat meat endorsed by the American Heart Association!.

I Heard You Can Extract Emu Oil While The Bird Is Alive?

In theory that could work because us humans use liposuction to get rid of fat but that is excess which is not needed.

Emu’s on the other hand need the fat pad because it contains essential fatty acids and minerals. Removing this from the bird might not kill it but it will certainly cause distress or pain.

We did some research and came across a forum which was talking about a company which stated it obtains emu oil in a Cruelty Free Manner.

It’s slightly confusing because cruelty free means the animal is not killed, but it is killed.

Maybe they mean that the bird was raised and killed ethically on a farm and the oil was extracted as a by product or something along those lines. Here is the Emu oil forum if you want to do more reading.

Emu Oil For Teeth – Any Success Stories?

emu oil for teeth

We did a lot of researching and found only a couple of testimonials from people who had success but that could be due to the fact that not many people know that emu oil can be used on teeth too.

Most of the success stories are from people who have some sort of skin condition or muscle pain.

Let’s look at this testimonial from Glenn:

He had all of his upper teeth extracted by an oral surgeon, and immediate dentures put in. The pain (despite medications given him by the surgeon) got to be too much to bear, so the surgeon stopped and removed the dental plates put in less than an hour before.

Glenn’s upper gums were heavily stitched in several places and totally swollen, so his wife recommended he keep them out as the bleeding had abated, and Glenn used Q-tips to coat his gums for the next three days.

The pain was gone by day two, and on day four he returned to the oral surgeon for a checkup by the surgeon, who told him he had never seen stitches heal so fast, and the surgeon proceeded to remove all the stitches (usually one has to wait at least two weeks!)

Glenn found that when his dentures irritate the gums, putting Emu oil on the irritated spot stops all the pain.

Great For Cold Sores

Another person suffered from cold sores on a regular basis but ever since he started using emu oil they have subsided substantially.

Deb Henson’s Story

This is a story that I think most people will relate to because its a common problem: Gum disease.

She had deep pockets in her gums and her dentist recommended she see a periodontist. Deb was petrified of having her teeth pulled and plus she could not afford the procedure at the time.

She went ahead and started using emu oil for her teeth.

Her last visit to the dentists left both the technician that cleaned her teeth, and dentist, who looked her over when she was done, just amazed.

Deb’s gums did not bleed during the cleaning for the first time, and when the dentist prodded around her gums, even he couldn’t get them to bleed.

He kept commenting on how “firm” her gums were, and that he couldn’t find any deep pockets anymore. Australian Emu Oil is The highest grade we have see and can be found over a Amazon. 

Quite an impressive result by anyone’s standard!

Do We Recommend Emu Oil For Teeth?

Although you have read the success stories and have learned about the powerful properties contained within emu oil, there is simply not enough concrete research that has gone into its effect on oral health.

We don’t want to lead you into a false sense of security that this 1 oil will change your life.

The only documented U.S research that has gone into emu oil is for:

  1. Reduces the inflammation of arthritis
  2. Prevents and/or reduces nose bleed when applied to nasal passages
  3. Prevents scarring when applied to a newly received cut or burn
  4. Prevents stretch marks, diminishes or completely erases existing stretch marks
  5. Reduces total cholesterol (LDL) and raises HDL, the good cholesterol
  6. Prevents and/or treats allergies
  7. Prevents and/or treats headache, especially migraine headaches
  8. Treats cold and flu symptoms, sore throat, and nasal congestion
  9. Remedy for ailments related to menstruation

Other Alternative Oils You Can Look At

Essential oils are very popular and the good part is they have been studied and shown to help reduce the number of bad bacteria in the oral cavity.

There are also products which are created from these oils and are solely marketed as treatments for gum disease and periodontitis.

Emu oil on the other hand is not directly marketed as a cure for teeth problems as such which is not to say it won’t work but the evidence is not strong enough.

We Recommend The Healthy Mouth Blend

emu oil for teeth

The healthy mouth blend is all about natural ingredients that have been researched and proven to be effective at fighting and destroying the bad bacteria that live in our mouth. In fact our ancestors have been using these same natural remedies for centuries.

it’s an oil based solution that contains essential oils that are the primary affectors which help to keep the mouth not only clean but aid in fixing all sorts of gum problems ranging from:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Bad breath
  • Periodontal disease (read Susan’s Story)

Normal toothpaste will not do this, they only work to freshen breath and protect the enamel but honestly they do a pretty average job of that as well if we’re being honest.

The creators of the Healthy mouth blend have put a lot of research into this product to make sure it works for the majority of people and one of the key features is it being an oil solution.

This means that the active ingredients will seep down into and under the gum lines to kill off the bacteria hiding there!.

Read the full review and see how Susan reduced her gum pocket depth down from 10mm to 3mm

Final Thoughts

A few people have used Emu Oil For Teeth and saw good results and we believe them because it does contain some powerful vitamins such as K2 which is known to be crucial in maintaining good healthy teeth.

But the fact of the matter is there is hardly any scientific studies which show a definite improvement in oral health when using this oil.

It’s also not been approved by the FDA which is another thing that puts people off from trying it and we can’t really blame them for it. But that’s not to say oils in general don’t work for teeth because they do.

Members of our team have tried it out and noticed results within weeks, most prominent being the reduction of bleeding and firmness of gums.

It’s totally up to you if you want to give Emu oil a try but for us personally the Healthy mouth blend is working and we will continue to use it.

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