How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can You Eat A Burger?

You are here looking for the no BS answer to the question: How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can You Eat A Burger?

It is tough to say no to burgers, isn’t it? After your wisdom teeth extraction, you will have to pay closer attention to what you eat and drink for the next few days.

Let us find out if you can still stay friends with a burger after the removal of your wisdom teeth, or you need to give it a break.

How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can You Eat A Burger?

Akin to any surgical procedure, wisdom tooth extraction carries risks and requires proper adherence to post-care procedures to speed recovery and avoid complications.

A key factor to consider is what foods to eat and avoid after the procedure.

For example, after wisdom tooth extraction, a common disputed query is how long after wisdom teeth removal can you eat a burger.

For example, after the procedure, how long after wisdom teeth removal can you eat a burger is a common disputed query.

The most straightforward and displeasing answer to this is that you must wait for at least two weeks or more before having hard, chewy solid food after wisdom teeth removal. 

That is because; the extraction site is not yet ready for the hard solid foods. Extraction of wisdom teeth involves the removal of an infected tooth from its bone socket. It leaves the site bleeding and exposed. 

You need to give it a proper recovery time which starts from the formation of blood clotting, followed by fibrin, and finally, the site is healed with proper care and medications.

So wait for a little before stopping by your favorite burger or fast food shop.

In addition, it would be best to eschew hot and spicy foods several days after wisdom teeth removal.

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Effects Of Eating A Burger After Wisdom Teeth Removal

We know that a wisdom tooth is a molar used by us to grind food properly. But now that you have your wisdom teeth removed and the extraction site is empty and exposed. Eating a burger will only make the wound worse. 

Since burger is solid, chewy food, it can easily stick to the extraction site and lead to tearing your stitches or a dry socket.

 For at least a week, you must consume soft food which wouldn’t require hard chewing and grinding. Pizza, burgers, and fries don’t qualify for the soft food category, so say no to them for a couple of days. 

Removal Of Upper Wisdom Teeth Vs. Lower Wisdom Teeth

 You can enjoy a burger 1-2 weeks after the removal or surgery of the upper wisdom teeth. However, in lower wisdom tooth removal, you need to wait for 2-8 weeks before having a burger. 

Since the extraction is done from the lower jaw, it will take more time to handle solid food. While chewing, you must have noticed that pressure is more on the lower side of the jaw. 

What Can You Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Here is a list of food that you can consume:

  • Day-1

On the first day, you must consider a liquid diet and avoid all solid food as they might cause discomfort. Hydrate well and get enough nutrients. You can eat yogurt, ice cream, or broth. 

  • Day 2-6

Now you can eat soft solid foods. Avoid eating hard, chewy solid foods that might put pressure on the jaw. 

  1. Boiled potatoes
  2. Boiled rice 
  3. Scrambled eggs 
  4. Vegetable soup 
  5. Porridge 
  • After Seven Days

You can now eat semi-solid food. Try other solid food if you are comfortable but be careful of any unnecessary pressure on the jaw.

  • After Two Weeks

If the recovery is successful, you can eat pizza and a burger. Make sure you chew softly, avoiding pressure on the jaws.

Other Foods to Avoid After Wisdom Teeth Removal

As already outlined, what foods to eat and avoid after wisdom teeth extraction will go a long way in helping prevent complications and ensure a speedy recovery.

Therefore, there are some foods you should avoid at any cost.

First and foremost, hard foods may interfere with blood coagulation near the socket, causing bleeding.

Hard and difficult to chew foods after wisdom tooth extraction leads to infection and dry socket, slowing down the recovery process. 

Here are some of the foods to avoid:

  • Citric, sour, or acidic fruits and beverages. 
  • Spicy foods can cause gum irritation. 
  • Hard and crunchy foods like pizza, popcorn, and potato chips. 
  • Caffeine, carbonation, and alcohol. 
  • Seeds
  • Crusty bread, bagels, and cookies. 


The most straightforward answer to how long after wisdom teeth removal can you eat a burger is to wait for at least two weeks to ensure the incision site heals properly.

Teeth and their recovery require patience. Make sure you do not rush the process. Let the healing be done naturally, and avoid consuming food that might cause adverse effects. 

We know that you love burgers, but your health must be the priority. Take proper medications and care to enjoy your happy meal sooner!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take For Wisdom Teeth Holes To Heal?

The hole takes two weeks to get closed, 90% is healed by the 3rd week, and it might take 4-6 weeks to recover fully depending on care and hygiene. 

Can I Eat French Fries Four Days After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

No, you must wait for at least a week. This is especially true for crispy French fries and hot or chilly fries.  

What Will Happen If I Eat A Burger The Next Day After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

A strict no, you must avoid eating chewy hard solid food for a week or two after wisdom teeth removal. However, if you fail to do so, you might end up having a dry socket or tear up your stitches. 

How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Eat Meat?

Meat is a complex food that requires a lot of chewing and grinding. Please keep away from meat for at least a week after wisdom teeth extraction and only consider adding it to your meal plan with your dentist’s approval.

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