Billionaire Teeth Whitening Review – Is It Worth It In 2024?

I’ve always hated that my teeth aren’t that sparkly – no matter how much I brush them, I always find that they’re always quite yellow and I haven’t found a toothpaste that whitens my teeth as much as I’d hoped.

I decided to give a professional tooth whitening kit a go, and see what kind of a difference it made to my teeth. When I bought this I was hoping that I’d see a noticeable difference within a week.

I wanted the kind of look you get after you’ve had a thorough cleaning from the dentist, but even whiter than that!

I wasn’t expecting to completely change the look of my smile after just a short period of time, but I did want to see a strong improvement.

I was hoping that I’d have people commenting on how much whiter my teeth were looking!

I wanted a kit that would be easy to use too – so many of these kits seem unbelievably complicated – and I wanted something that was simple enough that it wouldn’t be a hassle to use every day, while still working well enough to change the colour of my teeth.

After doing some research i finally decided to go with the Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit.

Why I Chose the Billionaire Teeth Whitening kit?

billionaire teeth whitening kit

I spent a huge amount of time researching teeth whitening kits. There are literally thousands available, and each one of them seems to offer a different unique selling point and a different benefit.

I ended up choosing the Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit for a few reasons – this kit is said to be at the same level of effectiveness as professional dental cleaning and whitening, which is a strong claim to make.

Looking at the included parts to the product, it does seem to contain ingredients that are recommended by dentists.

The company offers a full money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product, which is really pretty unusual – and that set my mind at rest that if I didn’t like it, I could ask for a refund if it didn’t work.

I liked that they were so confident in their product that they would offer this!

They also have a 50% off everything in the store offer at the moment, so the price I paid seemed like an absolute bargain for such a high quality product, if it did what it promised it would.

What Is The Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit?

The Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit contains quite a few different parts. These are the following:

  • 2 x Mouldable Trays
  • 3 x 3ml Whitening Gel Formula Syringe
  • 1 x 3ml Billionaire Desensitisation Gel Syringe
  • 1 x LED Light
  • 1 x Billionaire Gold Plated Toothbrush

Mouldable Trays

These are the same kind of moulds that dentists use when they are working on your teeth for certain procedures.

The tooth moulds are steeped in hot water and then placed on your teeth while they cool, so that they transform into the exact shape of your teeth.

This helps the gel that goes into the kit to really get to each and every part of your teeth accurately, leading to the best possible results.

By using something that’s in effect designed specifically for your own teeth, you’re getting a much higher degree of accuracy for the coverage.

Powerful Whitening Gel

The whitening gel that goes into the moulds is very interesting. It’s the most effective formula on the market – an 18% carbamide pero​​​​​xide mixture.

The mixture is the same as the ones that are used by dentists when they’re whitening peoples’ teeth.

This gel has been designed by dental professionals themselves, which is why it’s such an effective product.

It’s been created to be the strongest possible formula while not damaging the teeth, and it’s one of the only products on the market that is of professional level.

The gel comes in 3 x 3 ml syringes, which have been designed to make it super easy to squirt the product into the trays each day.

Desensitisation Gel

blue desensitising gel

Some people find that their teeth are sensitive while using the kit, so there’s also a desensitising gel included in the pack.

This can be applied to the teeth if they’re feeling particularly sensitive after you’ve used the gel, and it will reduce the sensitivity so you don’t have to worry about your teeth or gums hurting when you’re whitening them.

The gel can be used in the same mouldable trays as the whitening gel, so again it’s super simple to use.

You don’t have to use this desensitising gel, and not everybody will feel that their teeth or gums are sensitive after using the product. It’s only necessary for some people.

Activating LED Light

The activating LED light is great – it activates the gel so it performs the whitening functions that it needs to – and it has the added benefit of making you look a little like an alien when you use the product.

You put it in your mouth and turn it on when you have the trays in, and it’s kept in the mouth while you whiten your teeth.

Gold Plated Toothbrush

The gold plated toothbrush is a luxury! It looks incredibly fancy and it’s a little nod to the kit being made to give a billionaire level tooth look – and it’s a very nice toothbrush to use.

It’s larger than most, and it’s got just the right softness of bristles to work in harmony with the kit.

There’s also an instruction leaflet included in the kit, so you have an easy to follow, step by step guide that helps you every inch of the way.

How Do I Use This Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kit

The video below is a good visual aspect which shows you in it’s simplest form on how this Top Teeth Whitening Kit works.

And no that is not me in the video (wish it was though :)

Don’t worry because the Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit comes with a little instruction booklet with diagrams for each of the steps. The diagrams make everything super easy to follow!

First Step

The first thing to do is to mould the trays to your teeth. This just requires boiling water. Make sure you dip them in the water when it has JUST boiled otherwise I found that the plastic doesn’t get hot enough.

Re-boil the water for the second shield. The only thing that could be tricky is knowing how long to keep the trays in the water. I found that I needed to add a couple of seconds onto what they recommended in the booklet.

Just don’t keep the trays in there too long or this will destroy the plastic too much and they’ll become un-mouldable.

It took me a couple of attempts for the first tray as I was a bit scared to keep it in too long – but eventually I got it right!

Once these trays are on your teeth, let them cool down for a good while so that they mould properly to your teeth. Then they should fit perfectly!

billionaire teeth whitening kit mouldable trays

Second Step

The booklet recommends using a small drop of gel on each tooth imprint, and here I would emphasise making it small!

Otherwise, when you put the shield on your teeth it will all squeeze out of the sides and you’ll be feeling like you want to spit for the next hour!

The application is very easy – the syringes make it easy to control putting in the exact amount you want for both the whitening and the desensitising gels.

Once both shields are on your teeth, press them gently so that the gel swooshes around the full surface area of your teeth.

Third Step

Remove the plastic lining from in-between the batteries in the activating LED light, turn it on and pop it in your mouth. And hey presto!

Leave the trays on your teeth for between 40-60 minutes. I have varied the timings each day and still found pleasing results from 40 mins, and this seems better for me as I have sensitive teeth.

But this will vary depending on the individual, so make sure you do what feels best for you.

Make sure you rinse the trays and activating LED light well (but keep water away from the battery compartment) after each time you use it, and swill water around your mouth to remove excess gel too.

Brushing your teeth before and after using the whitening gel is recommended.

Extra Helpful Steps

Use the desensitising gel in the same way for 30 mins if any sensitivity develops while you use the product – I only had to use it once during the whole week of using it.

The shield storage box has holes in for ventilation, so you can put them back in the box and know that they will be dry for their next use. Enjoy!

My Results After Using The Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit

I’d never used a kit like this before, so this felt super strange at first. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it was an odd sensation.

It took me a couple of days to get used to having the mould in, but once I’d got used to it then I started being able to carry on with stuff around the house and keep working while I had them in.

The moulds were shaped exactly to my teeth which made this much better than having generic, non-shaped moulds in, and I think this was one of the reasons why it was so much easier for me to get used to this quickly.

It’s not possible to talk with them in, so make sure you don’t put them in just before you need a phone call with somebody!

The gel feels odd in your mouth, but once you start breathing through your nose and not focusing on the kit, then again the gel stops feeling odd.

I’ve got super sensitive teeth, and I was worried that this would affect them quite a lot. For the first 3 days, I had no sensitivity at all. I was using them twice a day for a week, as they suggest for your first time.

The longest I left them in for was an hour, and my teeth didn’t feel sensitive at all. On day 4 I started to get a slight bit of sensitivity – my teeth weren’t painful, but they did feel much more sensitive than usual.

Blue Gel To The Rescue

I used the blue gel that comes with the kit to relieve sensitivity, and I was absolutely amazed how well that worked. I used the gel for the suggested 30 minutes, and the difference it made was really huge.

It totally removed the sensitivity, and I didn’t have to use the gel again at all in the first 7 days.

I didn’t expect this – because my teeth can be so sensitive even when I’m not using a whitening gel or agent, I was prepared to have a lot more trouble than this so I’m hugely glad I didn’t have to suffer!

Day 1 Pictures

billionaire teeth whitening kit review day 1

The first thing I noticed about the kit was some white spots appearing on my teeth.

I think this is pretty normal with whitening kits – I guess that different bits of enamel react slightly differently to each other, so some parts start appearing whiter more quickly.

The white spots didn’t look bad – I could just tell that certain parts of certain teeth were changing colour more quickly than others!

This happened after 2 days of using the kit, but the white spots were really very small so they didn’t look odd to other people who saw my teeth.

Day 2 Pictures

billionaire teeth whitening kit review picture day 2

Day 3 Pictures

billionaire teeth whitening kit review picture day 3

I had people commenting on the difference of the appearance of my teeth after three days. I started noticing it after 3 days, but that wasn’t surprising as I so wanted the kit to work.

For me, the real proof that it had started working was when one of my good friends asked if I’d had my teeth whitened.

Admittedly she’s pretty obsessed with teeth so she’d notice something like that very quickly, but I hadn’t told her I was using it so there must’ve been a noticeable difference in the look of my teeth.

After day 3, I started noticing that the tips of my teeth were going much whiter than the rest of my teeth, and that there was a noticeable difference between the tips and the roots.

Day 4 pictures

billionaire teeth whitening kit picture day 4

From the second application on day 4 and over the rest of the time that I used the kit, this whiteness started spreading all the way to the roots.

This really impressed me – every other kit and strips I’d tried using made a difference to the tips but didn’t really change the roots all that much – this is the first product I’ve used that’s done this successfully.

This was when I started getting really excited about this kit!

Day 5 Pictures

billionaire teeth whitening kit day 5 results

Day 6 Pictures

billionaire teeth whitening kit day 6 results

Day 7 Pictures

billionaire teeth whitening review picture 7

After the 7 days, there really had been a huge change in the colour of my teeth. Quite a few people noticed it, and I realised I’d been smiling a lot more because I was a lot more comfortable with the look of my smile.

I hadn’t realised that the look of it had upset me as much as it did – it wasn’t until my smile looked much better that I realised how sad it had been making me.

Comparing Day 1 To Day 7…

billionaire teeth whitening kit comparison pictures

You can clearly see the transformation my teeth have undergone in just 7 days. I’m really impressed with the results especially when i can see the comparisons.

I’m Actually Speechless!

What About Using Whitening Strips?

I’ve used loads of whitening strips in the past, and I’ve always found that they slip around all over the place and end up leaving my mouth really salivy (if that even is a real word).

I appreciate that whitening strips will work for some people but i prefer this system.

The best thing about this kit (apart from the results!) is that the mouth guard sticks in place, and once you’re used to it, you don’t tend to get a build-up of excess saliva.

I’ve found this to be easily the best kit on the market that I’ve tried. It had the best results, but it was also the easiest and least painful kit to use.

The sensitivity of my teeth before the kit had worried me and I’d been nervous that the kit would make it a lot worse, but the desensitising gel really did work absolutely wonders.

I’d highly recommend this kit to anybody who’s looking for a teeth whitening kit that provides results!

It’s one of the more expensive kits on the market, but it really does give results. With the 50% offer, I would consider this absolutely worth the money!

If you don’t find that it works for you, then with the money back guarantee you don’t have to risk anything.

I’m super happy that I did decide to try this kit – I’ve tried so many on the market and this was the first one that I was genuinely overjoyed with the results. I’d highly recommend it!

Can Anyone Buy The Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit?

The product is suitable for most people who want to work their way to a whiter, more beautiful smile. It’s suitable for almost anyone!

However, there are a few things to think about when you’re deciding if it’s going to be a suitable investment for you. The whitening gel goes into trays, which go around your teeth – they’re a lot like gum shields!

If you can’t handle having gum shields in your mouth and you struggle with an overly strong gag reflex, this product may not work for you.

If you have a lot of dental work already – crowns, vaneers and fillings – the whitening kit won’t work on these.

The Billionaire Whitening Kit only works on natural tooth enamel. There are also a few other groups of people who shouldn’t use the product:

  1. Those under the age of 13
  2. Those suffering from periodontal disease
  3. People with decayed teeth or exposed roots
  4. People with unhealthy gums, irritated gums, or incredibly sensitive teeth
  5. Anybody with jaw issues or who have just had oral surgery
  6. Anybody with colitis or Crone’s Disease

Billionaire Teeth Whitening Ingredients

The active ingredient in the billionaire teeth whitening gel has a 18% carbamide peroxide. It’s in the same proportions and portion sizes as used by dental hygienists and dentists, so it’s totally safe for teeth and enamel.

It’s been developed by a team of scientists and dentists who have worked together to create a product that’s effective, safe and strong.

When the product’s put on the teeth, it breaks down into both hydrogen peroxide and urea – both of which will not damage your teeth, your tooth enamel or your gums.

Instead, they gently lift the stains and discolouration from your teeth.

The tooth whitening kit has been licensed by a huge number of authorities, who have all tested it and declared it to be perfectly safe, which is another way you know that it’s a safe product to use.

If the product is used according to the instructions, then it’s totally safe.

There are a few groups of people who shouldn’t use it who I’ve talked about in another section of this review, but as long as you don’t fall into any of those categories then this product is perfectly safe.

Positives & Negative Aspects About Billionaire Teeth Whitening

billionaire teeth whitening system

Lets talk about the good things about this kit:

This kit is incredibly easy to use. The instructions are very clear, and the step by step process to follow couldn’t be simpler. That’s one of the biggest plus points for this kit.

Another positive is that it works! The results were noticeable – people were commenting about my teeth after just 4 days of use – which showed that it had started to do what it says it does.

I liked the fact it was easy to get used to too – once I’d been doing it for a couple of days, it started to feel very natural to be using it.

I’ve used whitening strips in the past and they were an absolute nightmare – they would slide around your mouth, you’d never be able to get them to stick in the right place and they weren’t particularly effective – having the trays totally took out that issue, and was a really good and easy way to do things.

Some Negative aspects about the kit:

I found making the moulds quite tricky. It took me a few tries to get them right, but I think this might have been because I was a little scared about over-boiling them so I kept them in water for the minimum recommended time.

Once I’d left them in a little longer, they set absolutely fine.

I also felt there could’ve been slightly more gel. It’s incredibly hard to measure out such very specific amounts without overusing a tiny bit of gel, and this kit doesn’t really allow for that.

I think having a little more would’ve been slightly better so I worried less about running out.

However, it is possible to buy more gel online so that’s always an option if you do run out.

I’m also not sure if the toothbrush is totally necessary – it’s a great toothbrush, but if leaving it out would make the kit slightly cheaper then I’d probably leave it out!

Is Billionaire Teeth Whitening Very Expensive?

The kit is sent directly from Australia, and at full price it costs $299.95. However, there’s currently a special offer running on the website that’s giving 50% off everything in the store.

That Means A Whopping reduced price of: $149.97

That is an insane reduction by any stretch of the imagination and you wont believe this, they are also giving away a Free Whitening Pen with each whitening system that you purchase!

billionaire teeth whitening pen

when you compare this to the price a dentist would charge for the same formula and the same results, it doesn’t seem expensive at all!

This price includes shipping from Australia, which makes the kit even better value.

While this is still quite a lot of money to spend on something you’re not sure about, the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee takes a lot of this pressure off.

I think most people would agree that $150 is a perfectly reasonable amount to spend if the results are as promised. 

It’s hugely good to know that if you’re not satisfied with the results and if the kit doesn’t help you as much as you’d like it to, you can get your money back.

This means that you can try it without having to worry about the cost – and if it doesn’t work for you, you haven’t lost anything. If it does work for you, then it’s not much money to have spent at all!

Where Can I Buy The Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit

The kit is only available through the official website. This seems super strange at first because it seems as though these days everything is resold pretty much everywhere, but that’s not the case with the Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit.

The kit is only available online through their official site so that the makers can ensure the product isn’t being ripped off by other companies.

As it’s only sold online, you can be absolutely 100% sure that you’re buying the official, real kit – if it was available in retail stores then there’s always the risk that people try to pass off cheaper, less effective kits as the Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit, which of course is a huge risk to customers.

With it only being sold online, you can be sure you’re getting the right, official kit. Also when you buy it from the official website, you’re getting it directly from the people who can give you any kind of after-sales support that you need.

Whether you’ve got questions, comments or problems, you can contact the manufacturers and they can help out in any way they can!

There’s the added bonus when you buy online that they have a 50% offer store wide, so you’re getting the best value for money too.

Additional products and top-ups can be bought from the website too, so you don’t have to worry about having to buy a whole new pack if you just want a top up of the gel!

Final Thoughts

All in all, this kit is great. I’m always hugely sceptical of products that I buy over the internet as there are so many companies who are offering to brighten your smile in 10 minutes or to fix your teeth in no time, but so often they barely work or they don’t work at all.

This kit is totally different – it’s the first kit I’ve used where I’ve seen the whitening effects spreading to the roots of my teeth.

I’ve got very sensitive teeth, but I only had to use the desensitising gel once during the whole 7 days – this was very unexpected, and I was very surprised that they weren’t more sensitive.

The kit whitens them gently, while still providing incredible results. I was genuinely surprised by how effective this kit was for a do it yourself whitening kit.

I’d certainly use it again – and I’d recommend it to anybody who was looking to find a new whitening kit.

While it’s not the cheapest on the market, it’s certainly the most effective one I’ve tried. People have commented on how much teeth have changed, I can absolutely see a difference and I’m very happy that I did try this out.

With the 60% offer that’s currently on, I’d definitely consider it good value for money.


I have Picked out some general questions people will have about the product:

Will this product damage my teeth?

If you use this product the way it’s intended to be used, it won’t damage your teeth. As long as you don’t fall into any of the risk categories mentioned earlier, then this product is totally safe to use!

Can I use it for longer than 7 days?

It’s fine to use the kit for longer than 7 days if you feel your teeth need it. Most people see a strong result within 7 days, but then use the kit afterwards to keep the whiteness of their teeth at the level they like it!

Should I brush my teeth while using it?

You should brush your teeth before and after using the kit.

What happens if it doesn’t work for me?

Then you get your money back – simple! All you need to do is return the kit for a full refund.

How long will results last?

This will depend on the person using the kit. Everybody’s teeth react differently, and the results will wear off more quickly on certain peoples’ teeth. But you can be sure that you’ll see a noticeable difference for weeks at a time.

Are there any side effects?

Tooth sensitivity can be a side effect of this whitening kit, but using the desensitising gel will reduce the sensitivity for you.

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