Top 10 Myths About Your Gums

Oral healthcare, which not only includes your teeth but the gums too is one crucial aspect of your overall health. With new developments being made almost every day, there is a well of knowledge at your disposal, however, quite a lot of this knowledge is misleading. Myths regarding gums have existed for a very long … Read more

Top 10 Root Canal Myths

Are you needing to get a root canal done but you’re hesitant because you’ve heard so many negative things regarding this procedure? Fortunately, many of the things you’ve heard surrounding root canals are not based in reality and are simply myths.  There are many myths about root canals. These myths include root canals being painful, … Read more

Top 10 Myths About Tooth Removals and Extractions

Are you having a tooth removed soon? There are many myths surrounding extractions that you’ll want to know about. Myths about tooth removals and extractions can make people anxious about the process. However, you’ll feel better about visiting your local dentist once you understand that these rumors aren’t true. This article will break down all … Read more

Top 10 Teeth Whitening Myths

Whitening teeth has been a popular practice in dentistry and at home for a long time now. The idea of having a perfectly white smile appeals to people of all types, and getting it done professionally is a great way to go. With the popularity of teeth whitening, of course, there have been false myths … Read more

Top 10 Mouthwash Myths

Mouthwash is fantastic to have on hand when you want to quickly freshen your breath and clean your mouth. With all the myths that exist surrounding mouthwash and its usefulness, many people have eliminated mouthwash from their oral health regimen.  Myths surrounding mouthwash range from misconceptions about how to use it, whether or not you … Read more

Top 10 Wisdom Teeth Myths

Wisdom teeth are another set of molars that are hidden under the gums and do not come in until much later than other adult teeth. Once they start to poke through the gums, it can cause issues with other teeth and even cause jaw pain. Misinformation and myths about wisdom teeth and removing them have … Read more

Top 10 Toothpaste Myths

One of the most important parts of our daily routine is brushing our teeth, though many hate the process because they are wary of toothpaste. There are ample myths surrounding toothpaste that can make it difficult for one to keep up with their dental hygiene routine.  There are myths about toothpaste regarding its safety, its … Read more

10 Myths About Going To The Dentist 

Many myths surrounding going to the dentist have marred the general consensus on dentists, causing many to neglect their oral health and its maintenance. Going to the dentist can be such a fear-inducing experience for many, and one bad dentist causes many to abandon seeing a dentist in the future. This can make having to … Read more

Top 10 Teeth Brushing Myths

Most of us were taught to brush our teeth at least twice a day, but there are still a lot of myths about the best way to care for our pearly whites. You don’t need to brush if you eat a healthy diet Brushing your teeth too hard will damage them You only need to floss … Read more

Top 10 Flossing Myths

Every six months, you visit the dentist and hear the same flossing spiel. Flossing is important, it hurts because you don’t floss regularly, turn flossing into a regular habit, all that stuff. But really, how necessary is flossing? Despite all of the skepticism regarding flossing, it is actually very important to include it in your … Read more