Oral-B iO Series 8 Review: Is It The Ultimate Smart Toothbrush?

The Oral B io8 is a great toothbrush for people who are looking for something that will clean their teeth, but also help them maintain good oral health.

Oral-B iO Series 8 Electric Toothbrush
Oral-B iO Series 8 Electric Toothbrush
Oral-B iO Series 8 Electric Toothbrush
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  • You will receive 1 Oral-B iO Series 8 Black Onyx Electric Toothbrush, 3 Oral-B iO Ultimate Clean Replacement Brush Heads, and a premium travel case
  • 6 Smart Modes for personalized brushing: Daily Clean, Whitening, Gum Care, Sensitive, Intense, and Super Sensitive
  • Interactive color display for real-time coaching
  • AI recognizes your brushing style and guides you to better brushing every day
  • Compatible only with Oral-B iO Replacement Brush Heads

It’s easy to use and comes with some great features that make it easy on your budget as well!

Overview Of The Oral-B iO8

The Oral B iO8 is an electric toothbrush that comes packed full of features that you will want. This brush is one of the easiest to use, charge and travel with

It uses magnetic charging so there are no wires or any nonsense. It’s very sleek and stylish and actually looks cool.

Pros & Cons Of The Oral-B iO8


  • The Oral-B iO8 toothbrush has been the top-selling electric toothbrush since 1987. It’s made with platinum to make sure that you’re getting a premium product, and it has a two minute timer so you can brush twice as long without having to stop or change positions.
  • A special feature of this model is that it’s also compatible with Philips Sonicare models and other Oral B rechargeable brushes, which means that your kids can use it too! This makes them happy because they get their own brush but also saves money in buying new batteries every couple of years (or whenever you need them).


The Price is somewhat expensive.

Features & Benefits Of The Oral B io8

  • Interactive Color Display
  • A.I. Brushing Recognition
  • 6 Smart Brushing Modes
  • Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • Smart Pressure Sensor
  • Magnetic Charger
  • Premium Travel Case
  • 3 Oral-B iO Ultimate Clean Replacement Brush Heads

The smart guide will help you choose which toothbrush head will be best for your teeth based on their shape and spacing as well as whether they need more flossing or not.

The quadrant timer allows you to set up an automatic daily schedule so that everything happens at specific times throughout the day without having to think about it too much!

How The Oral B io8 Compares To Other Oral-B Toothbrush Options

The Oral-B io8 toothbrush has a number of features that make it stand out as the best choice for many people. But, there are also other options available if you want something different or more advanced.

Comparing the Oral-B to other brands can help you decide which model is right for your needs, or if you should even bother with a new toothbrush at all.

The Oral-B bio8 electric toothbrush is a solid choice for many people.

It has the most features of any model available, including five brushing modes and a pressure sensor that lets you know when you’re brushing too hard.

This can help prevent gum recession and other negative effects associated with overly aggressive brushing.

How Does The Oral B io8 Compare To Normal Toothbrushes

The Oral B bio8 is a much more expensive toothbrush than your standard manual.

However, it is also much more effective at removing plaque and preventing bad breath.

In addition to being able to clean your teeth better than most people’s daily brushing routine, the Oral B bio8 can help prevent gingivitis and cavities as well (if you use them).

It’s important to note that not all people are suited for this type of electric toothbrush.

If you find yourself having trouble doing so, it may be time to switch back over to using a conventional one or invest in an electric model with longer battery life (the Oral B has an average charge time of 2 hours).

Comfortability Of The Oral B io8

The handle of the Oral B io8 is small and easy to grip. It fits comfortably in your hand, so you can maneuver it around your mouth easily.

The brush head itself is also small and compact, which makes it easy to clean between teeth with less time spent on each toothbrush stroke.

The soft bristles are gentle on your gums as well as sensitive ones like mine (I have braces). This makes them perfect for anyone who suffers from sensitive gums or braces or both!

Effectiveness Of The Oral B io8 Toothbrush (How Clean Does It Get Your Teeth)

The Oral-B Bio8 is an effective toothbrush. It can clean your teeth better than a manual toothbrush, and it can clean them better than an electric toothbrush with a round head.

The Oral B Bio8 Toothbrush uses oscillating technology to remove plaque and debris from the surface of your teeth.

This means that you don’t have to worry about getting up every 30 minutes or so during brushing like you do when using a regular manual or electric brush; all it takes is one quick pass over each area before moving on to another part of your mouth.

Where To Buy The Oral B io8 Toothbrush

There are several places to buy this product.

However, we recommend buying it from a trusted retailer so that you can feel comfortable with your purchase and have confidence in the product itself.

The best place to buy any article of clothing or accessory is online at sites like Amazon and eBay because they have excellent customer service and return policies.

Price Of The Oral B io8 Toothbrush

The Oral B io8 Toothbrush is $200, which is about the same price as the Philips Sonicare Essence (on sale for $199) or the Braun Oral-B Precision 8000 ($179).

The Oral B i900 is also available at this price but has fewer features. It has a one-minute timer and only three pressure settings—the rest of its features have been removed to save space on the brush handle.

Is The Oral B io8 Toothbrush Worth The Price?

The Oral B io8 Toothbrush is a very good value for the price. It’s expensive, but its effectiveness makes it worth the cost.

The Oral B io8 Toothbrush was designed to get kids excited about brushing their teeth and getting them accustomed to using an electric toothbrush by starting with the basic version before moving up later on.

This process is called “graduation” and it helps make sure that young children are comfortable with using electric brushes in general, whether they’re used at home or at school.

Who The Oral B io8 Is For

The Oral B io8 is for people who want a toothbrush that is gentle on their teeth and gums.

It’s also good for those who don’t like having to change the toothpaste every day, or who have trouble flossing because it feels like too much effort.

The Oral B io8 is easy to use, so you can get results quickly—and it doesn’t require any extra steps or equipment!

You just put the brush head in your mouth, press down on it slightly (so you feel some pressure), then move up from left to right along your teeth until they’re clean.

No more missing spots or getting stuck with excess gel under your gums!

Who The Oral B io8 Is Not For

Oral B Bio8 is not for people who want a manual toothbrush.

While it’s true that you can use your finger to press the buttons on the side of this brush, it does not have a handle like other electric brushes do.

So if you’re looking for something that feels more like an old-school manual toothbrush, then you will be disappointed by the lack of grip in this model.

Oral B Bio8 is also not for people who are looking for cheap products—this thing costs $149!

If quality isn’t important enough to justify spending so much money on one product (or if you don’t care about how much money goes into making something), then maybe this isn’t going to work out so well either; after all, how many times has price been used as an excuse?

Finally: Oral B Bio8 is not travel-friendly because there aren’t any travel covers available yet (even though they were announced at CES 2019).


If you’re looking for a great oral-b toothbrush that can help you get the teeth you want, then this is the one.

It has all of the features and benefits needed to take your hygiene routine to new levels.

With this product, you will be able to enjoy clean teeth in no time at all!