Dentist Be Damned Review [2024] | The Ugly Truth Revealed!

I am of the opinion that Dentist are a vital part of keeping our oral health in check.

Yes some of you might not like them or even have a phobia but the professionals can pick up on problems that we cannot simply see with the naked eye.

So naturally when I came across the Dentist Be Damned programme I was intrigued by its claim of never ever needing to go to the dentist when this programme is followed step by step.

I’ll be honest and say some things that are mentioned within this programme are straight up wrong.

Want to know what they are?

Read the full Dentist Be Damned Review to find out.

Dentist Be Damned Summary

Overall Rating:

3.5 / 5




The dentist be damned programme is a system that teaches you how to reverse your gum disease and periodontitis. The author of the book: Alice Barnes states she has not been to the dentist for the last 15 years thanks to her protocol that she implements each day.

I would give this a higher rating but it is let down by a few false claims that are not true and the promise of a toothache cure are nowhere to be seen inside the programme.

Still, it’s a solid book that teaches you the scientific principles behind the real way of fixing your Oral issues.

So What Is The Dentist Be Damned Programme?

dentist be damned review

As you can see from the picture above, the dentist be damned programme is a solution for getting rid of a toothache if you have a phobia of going to the dentist.

If you read the whole sales page, you are given some story about how toothache was being fixed incorrectly for hundreds of years.

Another claim this programme makes is that the secrets they are going to show within the programme are not known to dentist’s or that they don’t want us people to know about it.

Basically implying that dentist’s want patients to keep going back to them so they can keep charging them money for a cure.

I personally agree with this statement because I see so many people who go to the dentist for a cavity filling, and guess what?

It’s fallen out 6-12 months later so they have to go back to get another one (which costs money)

Some Untrue Claims Within The Sales Page

dentist be damned review

The statement above is wholly wrong. What is actually recommended is that we brush and floss our teeth twice per day After waking up and Right before we go to bed.

I haven’t come across any dental professional who has said brush right after a meal.

That would be stupid because if you didn’t already know, the acidity in food and some beverages weaken the enamel and make it soft for a short while after eating.

Brushing during this period would do more damage than good.

What dentists recommend we do after each meal is to swish the mouth with water to remove as much food particles from the mouth so the bacteria cannot feed on them.

Alice Barnes Is The Creator Of Dentist Be Damned

dentist be damned review

On the sales page, Alice Barnes states she is not a dentist or dental hygienist.

She’s just a normal person like you and me who has not visited the dentist in 15 years because of the fear she had of them.

She goes onto say that it all started with a throbbing pain in her lower right jaw and rather than go to the dentist, she started searching for home remedies on the internet.

Her Recommended Temporary Solution?

dentist be damned review

I have done a lot of research into oral health and the various natural remedies and never once came across tobacco as a pain reliever but hey, I’ve never had a throbbing toothache in my life so what do I know.

But I have written a separate post about clove oil being a powe​​rful remedy for a toothache and more importantly, It’s been scientifically studied to have certain properties that help numb the pain.

You could give that a try and see what happens

How Does Dentist Be Damned Work?

It’s pretty simple, Once you buy the programme for $47 ($37 if you buy within 15 minutes) you are presented with an ebook which you can download right onto your desktop.

There are 8 chapters for you to read and are as follows:

  1. What causes tooth decay
  2. What you need to know
  3. The solution
  4. The secret dental diet
  5. TIps and cheats
  6. The dental shield programme
  7. Interesting Facts
  8. Summary
dentist be damned review

First Chapter

Talks about the factors involved in tooth decay. These are broken up into 4 parts: Saliva, PH levels, Stress, dry mouth and plaque.

Reading through the first chapter, there is some really good, accurate information regarding each of the 4 points.

It’s proven that saliva plays a massive role in keeping teeth remineralized. PH levels also regulate the rate at which remineralisation occurs.

All in all, this chapter is very useful for anyone suffering with oral health problems in general.

Second Chapter

Is all about the different aspects of oral health. This ranges from stuff that we are using at the moment like: fluoride, toothpaste, mouthwashes.

It goes into detail about each point and mentions some negatives about each.

The bit that concerned me was when Alice started talking about amalgam fillings.

I have 2 at the moment and although I knew there was some dangers regarding mercury poisonous, I didn’t know that small concentrations are leaking into my mouth and into the body.

Scary stuff eh?

Third Chapter

talks about the solutions in terms of the foods and drinks that need to be consumed. It also talks about the foods that need to be avoided at all costs.

Fourth Chapter

is where the interesting stuff starts to take place. Here the author starts to talk about the secret diet that mainstream dentist’s simply do not share.

It’s actually inspired by Dr Weston Pric​​e. He was a renowned dentist who became famous for researching the optimum diets of native people.

He came to the conclusion that nutrient dense foods from animal sources were the best teeth builders. The reason being they are packed full of vitamins and minerals.

This chapter is a must read however, the information contained within this chapter can be found free on the Internet if you look hard enough.

Fifth Chapter

talks about little things you can do to help reduce the stress on your teeth. These include drinking soda’s from a straw, and finishing off a meal with a tooth friendly food like a piece of cheese.

The Sixth Chapter is where things start to fall apart in this programme!

I say this because Alice starts off by saying that once cavity forming bacteria have been eliminated, you can start consuming sugary or refined foods without having to worry about demineralisation or plaque build up.

What the hell?

Does she not know that if you start consuming poor foods once you have fixed your problem, the bacteria will return.

That’s really bad advice on Alice’s part and has tarnished this book.

Nevertheless, here is the proposed protocol to fix your painful teeth:

  • Get a sodium fluoride toothpaste and a xylitol based mouthwash
  • Use xylitol gum or powder – 6-10 grams is the optimum amount
  • Consume foods high in minerals (calcium, magnesium and phosphorous)

If you follow this protocol, Alice says you should see a massive difference within 6 weeks.

Now this sounds all well and good but I can’t see any mention of specifically getting rid of a toothache.

This protocol is leaning more towards the gum disease cure if anything.

Seventh Chapter

Is basically some extra information the author has thrown in there. It mainly talks about a secondary cavity causing bacteria known as Lactobacillus Acidophilus.

It’s found in yogurts and probiotics and is often times singled out as one of the good bacteria.

It in fact causes demineralisation due to the lactic acid build up reducing the pH levels in the mouth.

I’m not exactly sure if this claim is entirely true, which is why I recommend you do some independent research for your selves.

So there you have it folks, I have summarised all the main chapters to give you the main points.

I know I have left some information out but what I can say is, This is a solid book that gives accurate information for the most part.

If you brought it, you wouldn’t be disappointed

Who Is Dentist Be Damned For?

Well if you go by what the sales page states and what you get in the actual book, this programme is for people who are suffering from oral health problems.

Issues such as gum disease and periodontal disease is what this book is geared more towards.

The only thing that lets it down is, their is no chapter solely for stopping a toothache. I mean that’s what the whole sales page was advertising.

I was slightly disappointed but the other information did make up for it somewhat.

Does That Make Dentist Be Damned A Scam?

That’s a bit of a grey area because on the one hand, the sales page specifically mentions that you will learn how to permanently get rid of toothache with natural remedies.

But in the actual book, it doesn’t mention anything about that.

Promising something and then not delivering that specific information is very shady but ultimately the programme does teach you how to reverse gum disease and periodontal disease and maybe in turn that will stop the toothache.

Maybe that’s what Alice was trying to get across.

Another reason I hesitate to call this programme a scam is the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee that comes with the product.

If your not satisfied you can get your money back.

Is It Even Possible To Reverse Cavities And Cure Gum Disease Naturally?

Yes it is

I have already talked about Dr Weston Price and his findings about diet and oral health but there is another person by the name of Ramiel Nagal who created an extensive book on everything related to oral health.

He took a lot of his inspiration from Weston Price but also carried out his own extensive research.

dentist be damned review

The foods mentioned in Dentist be Damned are exactly the same foods that Mr Nagal mentions in his book. Foods such as:

  • Liver
  • Organ meat
  • Cod liver oil
  • Vegetables

These are all powerful when combined together and numerous people have had success, with many reversing their cavities in just a couple of months.

There’s even a whole Facebook group dedicated to the work of Ramiel Nagal.

What Are The Pros Of Dentist Be Damned

There’s quite a lot to like about this book:

Good In depth Information

There are 7 main chapters that talk about different aspects of oral health.

Each go into thorough detail and if you had any concerns regarding their validity, don’t worry because they have numerous references from journal papers cited at the very end.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

This is more of a given than something the programme offers itself.

You see the programme is available to buy from clickbank, which means you automatically get the buyer protection which is a good thing because not everyone will be satisfied with the product.

100% money back guarantee


All Natural Methods

This is the perfect book for people who want to get the relief that they so badly need without the dentist.

All the things you need to fix your oral health issues can be brought from the shops at a relatively cheap price.

Instant Access

Because this book is published in the new PDF eBook format, you will find that it is easy to access and use because you get it immediately.

No more waiting for days or even weeks for it to come.


Some Wrong Information

There are a few places were Alice has given some dodgy information which doesn’t make sense.

For instance, she talks about how you can get rid of bacteria and start eating junk food without getting any further problems. That’s a load of Horse crap!

No Cure For A Toothache?

The course was built upon the promise of helping people to cure their toothache without going to the dentist but in the book there is no mention of a specific protocol that one can implement for this specific problem.

Final Verdict – Is Dentist Be Damned Worth It?

For the price of $37 (if you buy before the timer expires) the information you get in the ebook is actually pretty decent and is in line with what I have researched myself.

It also agrees with what Dr Weston Price and Ramiel Nagal when it comes to nutrition.

There are some sections which are misleading and not factually correct but having the references at the end does mean that the author has done some in depth research into each area.

If your someone who has never paid attention to your oral health and does not have the time to do some thorough research, then this programme will be a good fit for you.

Remember, there is 60-Day Money Back Guarantee to boot so don’t worry about being scammed out of your money.

2 Special Bonuses To Consider

As a thank you for buying the dentist be damned programme, you also receive 2 other books (completely Free) that might be of some use to you:

dentist be damned review

How To Get Rid Of Canker Sores Fast

In depth research carried out by Alice Barnes to prevent canker sores from occurring ever again.

dentist be damned review

How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath Forever

Understand the special tongue paste Alice Barnes uses to get rid of halitosis forever

You only get these bonuses when you buy the Dentist be damned programme.

Let us know what you think about all of these, that is of course if you buy them :)

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