How To Make A Simple Bone Broth For Teeth Mineralisation – Complete Guide

We know that certain foods are bad for us and should avoid them at all costs but getting information about the right foods is not that clear, especially for specific things like healing tooth cavities and such.

But don’t worry, today we are going to be talking about a super food that can reverse cavities if cooked and consumed at the right time.

The Food we are talking about is Bone Broth!

It’s such a nutrient dense food which our ancestors knew about. Okay maybe they didn’t know the exact minerals and the science behind them but they sure knew how to get immense benefits from it.

That’s why you will see that many of them died with a full set of teeth with no cavities or gum problems.

It’s a great super food for consuming every day but if you have never tried it and are starting to see a cavity forming on one of your tooth, Act quick!, get your apron on and start Making some Bone Broth For Your Teeth.

Why Is Bone Broth So Good For Your Health?

bone broth for teeth

Bone broth contains some critical nutrients needed for proper joint function and also help in detoxifying the body of unwanted material.

glycosaminoglycans (GAGS)

The name sounds very complex but don’t be put off because these GAGS do some wonderful things for our body. There are 3 main ones you need to know about:


This Monosacharide is vital in the formation of cartilage. Cartilage is a tough connective tissue found in several parts of the body and is used by collagen. It helps to cover the bones and makes sure they don’t become weak. Did you know that it can regularly be found in bone marrow!

That’s quite significant because the Bone Broth that you are going to make is going to be packed full of this important substance.


This is another important complex sugar involved in keeping the cartilage from breaking down but it can also aid in repairing it, if it’s been damaged. In nature, it’s more commonly found in cows, pigs and sharks

hyaluronic acid

This is also related to the function of cartilage and collagen as it’s distributed freely around the body in connective, epithelial and neural tissues.

It’s also a major component of the skin, where it helps to repair the damage that might have been done by UV rays. It’s so helpful with repairing skin that many companies are now utilizing this acid by putting it into creams.


bone broth for teeth

Bone broth also contains collagen which research has found is contained in our teeth and connective tissue.

This helps to keep the teeth fixed in our jaw. More importantly, collagen helps to mineralize and stabilise the tooth.

It also plays an important role in bone density which is another factor in keeping teeth healthy and strong.

You should however note that a poor diet can decrease the bone density and affect the jaw and the tissues in your mouth. Your teeth could start loosening and become more prone to decay.

But it’s not just these substances, the bone broth contains a wide range of trace minerals from magnesium, calcium, phosphorous and many others.

These minerals strengthen structures and provide building blocks for new tissue. This makes your teeth, joints, skin, hair and nails stronger and healthier.

Can Bone Broth Really Remineralise My Teeth?

It can tremendously help with the healing process but we Must STRESS that it needs to be part of a bigger protocol.

What we mean is there are other products you need to take alongside bone broth to have the best chance of remineralising and healing cavities.

With that being said, here is a video you can watch which shows the steps this man took to help reverse his cavity on one of his tooth:

It is quite a lengthy video so here is quick summary if you don’t have time or the patience to sit through it all:

  • Foods that you must Avoid at all costs during the healing process are: Sugar, Grains and Nuts!
  • Start including Leafy green vegetables as soon as possible (spinach, kale, broccoli etc)
  • You need to start eating high quality organ meats such as liver, heart and kidneys
  • Start drinking fermented milk (kefir) as it contains more minerals and enzymes
  • And of course last but definitely not least is Bone Broth. It’s great for healing bones, the gut, helps revitalise the skin and other amazing things.
  • In summary, the 3 main things to start implementing for fast healing are: Paleo diet, Raw milk (kefir) and Bone Broth

This should be enough proof that a drastic change in diet can help heal your teeth naturally. It might be expensive at first because of all the organic ingredients you will need to buy but in the long term you will be better off.

I mean who wants to fork out hundreds if not thousands of dollars for pointless dental operations!.

Very Simple But Delicious Bone Broth Recipe!

bone broth for teeth

As you can see from the infographic, there aren’t that many steps for you to follow.

It’s one of the most basic recipes out there but it tastes really good and more importantly contains the right nutrients to help make your teeth strong again. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

How Often Should I Consume Bone Broth For Optimum Teeth Health

Bone broth should be consumed every day to help rebuild your teeth but then to maintain them you need to be drinking a good 8 ounces per day or 3-5 cups per day.

This way you will always be topped up on the vital nutrients and minerals required for healing.

Can I Buy Bone Broth To Save Time?

Yes you can although it could get quite expensive if you’re ordering constantly.

But we realise that some of you folks just don’t have the time to make your own, so something ready-made to go is so convenient.

We have looked around and found that Bare Bones provide 100% bone broths of all different varieties ranging from turkey, chicken and beef. Go check them out!

Final Thoughts

Consuming Bone broth for teeth healing is a proven concept according to holistic experts and the success stories that are plastered everywhere is proof of that. What makes it so powerful is the vast amounts of nutrients and minerals contained within it.

These vital minerals are what help our body to become strong and create an environment for natural healing. The bone broth is quite simple to make and tastes really good.

But we are aware that some people simply don’t have the time to make their own.

Bare Bones is a company specialising in producing 100% bone broth from turkey, chicken and beef bones. Their recipes are delicious, making it a brand we definitely recommend you check out if your short on time.

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