Can Bad Breath Be Cured? | The Complete Guide

I am not exaggerating in the title, many people feel depressed and anxious for most of their life because of this horrible problem. It can cause people to become lonely and the chances of you being mocked or laughed at are very high. Making friends is a distant reality.

But there is good news everyone: Can Bad Breath Be Cured? Yes but only if you know what is causing it. Some general advice about brushing twice a day and flossing will not do anything for chronic sufferers of Bad Breath.

This is why today’s post is important as you will find out what is causing your bad breath and what treatment options you need to be looking at to heal yourself naturally. I use the word NATURALLY because in most cases the chemical based solutions don’t work for long term sufferers of bad breath.

You Must Know The Underlying Cause!

This is the first and most crucial step to curing bad breath, knowing what is causing it will give you an idea of the treatment option you need to go for.

Firstly you will want to go to your local dentist and get a full oral health check to see if this is linked to your Halitosis. If you get the all clear than that is excellent. Move onto the next step.

This involves going to your doctor and getting a full health check to make sure you do not have any disease/infection which might be causing a bad odour. If you get the all clear move onto the next step.

The third step involves you getting all your cavities fixed. The worst smell comes from the tongue and crypts so make sure you floss and scrape your tongue everyday along with regular brushing.

Other things you need to look out for are, tonsil stones, allergies, nasal congestion and postnasal drips.

If Your Healthy According To The Professionals Then…

The foul breath coming out of your mouth is because you are eating foods that your body cannot digest properly!. This is largely due to an imbalanced gut flora. Some things that contribute to this problem are:

  • Overuse of Antibiotics
  • Unhealthy foods
  • Stress
  • Low stomach acid

When the body cannot cleanse itself from these bad things, it will give off a rotten smell from the stomach/colon area and this can travel all the way up to the mouth, hence why your breath smells bad. Only a clean natural DIET will be able to rebuild the gut flora to its former glory and in turn cure your bad breath.

How To Clean Up My Diet For Fresher Breath

Here’s how your going to find out what foods are causing the bad breath. Below are the 4 main groups we will be focusing on:

1) Gluten     2) Meat     3) Milk     4) Sugars

For 1 week you will be eliminating a food group out of your diet completely and then the 2nd week you will choose another food group and eliminate that from the diet and so on. Doing this will pinpoint what food was the criminal and when you find it please stop consuming it. You will find that your bad breath has gone in a matter of days.

I reckon that it will either be Sugar or Gluten that will be the culprits. Removing sugar from your diet will do wonders and I know it will be hard but after a couple of weeks you will completely forget about sugar.

Becoming gluten free is something everyone should do, especially people with odour issues because it destroys the gut lining and the food leaks out into the other areas. This is also known as a leaky gut.

To conclude this section, the number 1 reason people fail to cure bad breath is because they are not eating natural food. People who eat an organic and fresh diet do not have Chronic bad breath.

The body is natural and only metabolises natural substances efficiently. Along with eating well you must also start using natural medicine:

  1. Use organic toothpaste and rinse with salt water
  2. Drink probiotics to promote a healthy gut flora
  3. Kefir, sauerkraut or other fermented foods will help
  4. Use probiotic tablets (look carefully as some do not work)
  5. Drink water in between meals NOT with them!

Over the Counter Medication Is Not For Chronic Bad Breath Patients

Believe us, people with persistent bad breath have tried everything you have thought of. They even struggle with wrong diagnosis and the differences of opinion in the medical community does not help them. Imagine going to someone who says you have this problem and then you talk to someone else and they say the complete opposite.

It can take them a long time before they realise the underlying problem to their breath issues. The problem with over the counter stuff is that they are general products produced for the mass market, there’s no individuality which is what chronic bad breath sufferers need.

You Might Have Invasive Fungal Infection

can bad breath be cured

The cause in 90% percent of chronic bad breath and/or body odour is an invasive FUNGAL infection caused by the organism Esophageal candidiasis. It may affect the throat, oesophagus, intestines, skin, feet etc.

Most likely it’s causing problems in the gut which is affecting the balance of the flora which is affecting your breath. It can be treated by a medicine called Fluconazole. Please get checked with the doctor and get a 100% diagnosis. Only then do we advise taking Fluconazole. Take it using the following method:

  1. 300mg on day 1
  2. 100mg daily for the next 14 days

Any lower dose and the fungi may develop resistance. Any higher dose and liver failure may become an issue. Doctors are usually apprehensive about prescribing it for this reason. Do the necessary test to determine the presence of the fungus.

Bacteria release volatile sulfur compounds (VSC’s)

A major contributor of bad breath is a high sulfur environment with a lot of it coming from the most common cases of garlic and onion breath. These 2 things are high in sulfur which is very good for us if you did not know (it just smells bad).

The bacteria in our mouth also produce sulfur compounds as waste products and they always smell bad. Ranging from rotten eggs to fermented cabbage, the spectrum of atrocious smells is large.


Many journals have been written discussing the part the tongue plays in obtaining a healthier fresh mouth.

  • A study in 1998 looked at subjects with malodour and discovered 87% of them had a problem with their mouth hygiene.
  • Of the 87%, 51% of the cases were due to a dirty tongue, 32% due to gum disease and 17% from a combination of both.

The statistics above conclude that in 68% of cases, deep cleaning of the tongue should have a major affect or even cure a persons bad breath.

This is backed up by older studies carried out in the 1970’s which also concluded that tongue cleaning reduced malodour by up to 59-87%. If you have a keen interest in the science behind all of this, then feel free to read the full journal which can be found at PubMed.

From the research you can see that cleaning your tongue is vitally important to having a healthy mouth and reducing bad breath.

If Your Overwhelmed Just Start Off By Scraping your Tongue

can bad breath be cured

When you brush or scrape the top side of your tongue (Dorsal surface), you are actually getting rid of the largest population of odour causing bacteria and the food debris that they feed on. Researchers have hinted that the food debris is what makes the odour worse.

If you have ever done a breath test you probably noticed the back part of the tongue smells a lot worse than the front tip part.

Step 1. Using a Spoon As A Scraper

There is definitely no shortage of spoons in any household, go get one from the draw and start scraping by following the steps below:

  1. Use a small spoon
  2. moisten it so the waste that you scrape from the tongue will wash away easier
  3. stick your tongue out as far as you can and see where the coating of that slime is
  4. turn the spoon upside down and start from the back and scrape forwards making sure to use enough pressure to break up the debris.
  5. rinse the gunk off the spoon by rinsing it under hot water. But before you do that I encourage you to smell it (this is how you breath smells to others)
  6. Keep scraping until no more gunk is on the spoon

Step 2. Lower The Population Of Odour Causing Bacteria

can bad breath be cured

The first step was to dislodge the biofilm from the tongue to remove the majority of bacteria. But to completely lower the population of bacteria you need to brush a natural antimicrobial over the surface of the tongue.

You can do this by putting 2 drops of healthy mouth blend on your brush and then gently manoeuvring the bristles in all the areas of the surface of the tongue.

Once you have done that you just swish your mouth with water and spit out and I guarantee you will see a drastic reduction in your breath for hours.

Testimonial From A Life Long Sufferer

can bad breath be cured

Zandile Zungu has been a life long victim of bad breath but since she has changed her diet and using natural substances, her bad odour has gone and what’s impressive is the fact it happened in only a month. If this doesn’t show you the power of natural healing I don’t know what will!


Can bad breath be cured? Yes it absolutely is possible but you need to know what specific conditions are haunting you. Everyone is different and a treatment option for one person will be useless for the next. That’s why if you follow the process we have outlined in the beginning of the article, there is a good chance you will know the source of problem and from there you can figure out the right treatment option.

Yes there are some common problems such as a dirty tongue and abnormal bacterial activity in the mouth and gut but these can be fixed relatively easily. Just follow the advice in this post and you should be well on your way to achieving happiness which is far from the suicidal thoughts you might have been thinking of earlier.

Comment below and lets have a proper discussion on the various conditions that can cause Bad breath because the things covered in this post are only a fraction of what could be the cause.

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