Orawellness Healthy Mouth Blend Review (2024) | Complete In-Depth Look

If your struggling with any sort of gum or bad breath issues and don’t really know what to do next or how to go about treating these problems, you have come to the right place.

Although you are here for the Orawellness Healthy Mouth Blend Review to see whether it can help you out, we already know that it is a solid product because we have tried it ourselves and as the title states, Susan (co-founder of Orawellness) is the one who reversed a 9mm gum pocket depth down to 3mm.

You can scroll down to read her full story or you can visit their website and read Her incredible Story there!

You will be BLOWN Away!

What Is The Orawellness Healthy Mouth Blend?

orawellness healthy mouth blend

So the healthy mouth blend is all about natural ingredients that have been researched and proven to be effective at fighting and destroying the bad bacteria that live in our mouth. In fact our ancestors have been using these same natural remedies for centuries.

The only reason we have shifted towards chemical based solutions is because big companies want to make big money even if it means we stay sick for the rest of our lives.

But coming back to this toothpaste, it’s an oil based solution that contains essential oils that are the primary effecters which help to keep the mouth not only clean but aid in fixing all sorts of gum problems ranging from:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Bad breath
  • Periodontal disease (read Susan’s Story)

Normal toothpaste will not do this, they only work to freshen breath and protect the enamel but honestly they do a pretty average job of that as well if we’re being honest.

The creators of the Healthy mouth blend have put a lot of research into this product to make sure it works for the majority of people and one of the key features is it being an oil solution. This means that the active ingredients will seep down into and under the gum lines to kill off the bacteria hiding there!

Who Is This Product For?

Just like regular toothpaste can be used by anyone, the same goes for this brushing blend, it only uses natural certified organic essential oils.

Orawellness Healthy Mouth Blend Review
  • Effective
  • Helps Bleeding gums
  • Helps Swollen gums
  • Prevents Bad breath
  • Helps Periodontal disease
  • All natural Ingredients
  • Different Ways To Use It
  • Refreshing Taste

But there are some special cautions that need to be considered:

For Children

The product is perfectly safe for children to use but the blend might be too spicy for them to handle, so we recommend you only give them this treatment option if they really need it I.e you can clearly see they have signs of active decay. If the teeth look healthy then there isn’t really a need for them to use it.

If you really want them to start using this blend to help them keep their teeth strong and develop a positive habit, you could always dilute the blend with 50% coconut oil to lower the spiciness factor.

Pregnant Women

It’s always important to get the right answer when it comes to pregnancy. Will and Susan (Founders of orawellness) have stated that the healthy mouth blend is safe to use during pregnancy but they also stress that you get a second opinion from your midwife or doctor to be absolutely sure.

There is some research out there stating some plant essences should be avoided during pregnancy. The reason why this product is considered safe is because each individual ingredient isn’t really strong and has been diluted to safe levels that are still potent enough to support each of us along our path to optimal oral health.

The Magical Ingredients In Healthy Mouth Blend

There are 6 Powerful ingredients that are contained within this brushing blend and have also been researched for their various anti properties against bacteria:

Cinnamon Leaf

orawellness healthy mouth blend

Cinnamon oil is found from the bark or the leaves of the plant. You will find several naturally occurring chemicals such as cinnamaldehyde, trans-cinnamic acid and eugenol.

It is thought that using this oil regularly will help reduce your cavities, help keep your gums healthy and strong and most importantly kill the bacteria that causes periodontal disease.


Also known as Mentha piperita, it’s indigenous to Europe and the Middle east but can be grown anywhere.

Peppermint oil possesses a fresh sharp menthol odour and a pungent taste followed by a cooling sensation. It also has a variety of therapeutic properties and is used in mouthwashes, toothpastes, and topical preparations because of its unique antibacterial properties.


Also known as Mentha Spicata, this ingredient is mainly used for its flavour. It gives off a sweet minty taste making it easier for you to use the product.

Another property is its analgesic activity which means it helps to relieve pain wherever it is administered. This could mean the Healthy mouth blend could potentially be used as a short term toothache remedy.


Also known as Eugenia caryophyllus, It’s oil is extracted from the Syzgium aromaticum tree. Clove is a very powerful herb, it has great antiseptic properties, numbs pain due its eugenol content and has the highest anti-oxidant rating of any natural plant extract in the world.


Myrrh is a sap like substance that comes from a tree commonly found in Africa and the middle east and is one of the most widely used essential oils in the world.

It is frequently used to treat gum problems due to its astringent and antiseptic properties. It helps with gum infections, shrinking gums, and stops teeth becoming loose.


Manuka has immense antibacterial properties that are effective in treating gum disease and preventing tooth decay.

One of the factors that help with this is an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide which is one of the main antibacterial component. It also reduces acid in the mouth which stops bacteria producing dextran, one of the components of dental plaque.

Almond Oil Or Jojoba Oil (nut free version)

Out of all the ingredients, perhaps these two are the only ones that have not been studied enough and do not have conclusive scientific evidence for their effect on fighting oral problems. But they have been used in medicine for their health benefits and do contain some powerful properties:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • immunity booster
  • anti-hepatotoxicity effects

To be honest, these oils are used mainly to bind all the ingredients together into 1, making it a SUPER OIL!

How Does The Healthy Mouth Blend Work?

It works slightly differently to regular toothpaste and that’s because it’s oil based which means it won’t get washed away, instead it will seep down into the gum lines as you are brushing and this means it will stay in the mouth longer and actively fight off the bad bacteria.

There are actually 4 different ways you can use it:

Standard Brushing

orawellness healthy mouth blend

This is the most popular way to use healthy mouth blend. You can use it on it’s own or you can add it to your normal toothpaste. All you have to do is apply 4 drops of the mouth blend onto your toothbrush and brush normally. Best results with this are seen if you use it 2 times per day for a duration of 2 minutes.


The healthy mouth blend is oil based meaning it will stick to the teeth giving them an extra coating of protection. To use it as a mouthwash, simply place 2-4 drops in a small amount of water and swish for 1-2 minutes to reduce the bad bugs in the mouth, freshen the breath AND increase saliva production all at the same time.

Tongue Brushing To Remove Bad Breath

orawellness healthy mouth blend

Did you know the surface of the tongue contains millions of bacteria. If not treated, will lead to bad breath. We recommend you brush your tongue with the HealThy Mouth Blend after scraping the tongue with a tongue scraper. This method will give you the optimum results and make sure your breath stays fresh 24/7.


Placing a drop between your index finger and thumb and running a piece of floss through the oils coats the floss with the healing plant oils in the HealThy Mouth Blend. This method helps to get the oil in between the teeth and gums to help eliminate any lingering bacteria. It’s especially important to get to the molars where gum disease is easily spread.

Susan’s Powerful Success Story

orawellness healthy mouth blend

One of the main reasons Will and Susan started orawellness is because of their own struggles with oral health because they didn’t have healthy teeth either believe it or not. I mean let’s take Susan for example. She was diagnosed with advanced periodontal disease in 1997. The dentist did a pocket depth measurement and one of the gums had a depth of 10mm which was shocking.

The dentist explained that the only way to fix this problem would be to carry out root planing and gum surgery and even this did not guarantee if it would fix the problem.

Susan immediately started looking for alternative therapies and after doing some research found that periodontal disease is caused by pathogenic bacteria living in the mouth. She found out about the pocket applicator and started using it with an antibacterial solution to see if it would make any difference and after a few days her pain had subsided quite a bit.

A Year Later…

In 1998 Susan went back to the dentist to request a fresh set of measurements for her gum pockets. The year before the dentist found pockets of 4 and 5 mm depths, which were now only 3 and 4 mm. She also had one molar that originally had measured at over 10mm which read only at 3mm this time around.

The dentist was flabbergasted and confused, she did not know what the heck happened, even tried to say that the reading she took last year was wrong, but it wasn’t. Susan actually healed her gums!.

Want Proof?

We know your thinking this is unlikely to have happened and honestly we were the same when we first heard about this story but Susan kept a copy of the periodontal depth chart and if your interested in seeing it please head on over to the Orawellness Site to be Amazed!

Pros & Cons

This review has so far explained the benefits of using an oil based solution to brush your teeth with and the features of the product but now let’s look at the stuff that makes people buy it and some of the things that turns people away:


All natural Ingredients – This feature alone makes it a worthwhile product to invest in because you know that even if it does not work as intended, there won’t be any adverse side effects. With chemically made products you always have that slight concern.

Nut Free Version – If you are allergic to almonds then you can buy the alternative version which contains jojoba oil.

Different Ways To Use It – This is another feature that makes it popular among customers. You can use it as a normal toothpaste but it can also double up as a mouthwash if needed and will help eliminate bad breath if you use it to scrape your tongue.

Refreshing Taste – The spearmint and peppermint contained within it gives it a nice mild taste that feels refreshing and keeps the breath fresher for longer.


Hard to Extract Oil Out Of Bottle – Quite a few customers have had difficulty taking the oil out of the bottle. The first time I used it, the same problem occurred but I think it was because I wasn’t tilting the bottle fully vertical. Once I did that the oil started to come out after a few seconds.

Poor Packaging – This is another problem customers have faced in the past. When they received their mouth blend, it was leaking and in some cases half the bottle was empty. The company really need to get this sorted out quickly!

What Are Customers Saying

orawellness healthy mouth blend

The reviews for the mouth blend have been overwhelmingly positive. To date the there have been 683 reviews on their website with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

People were saying how clean and fresh their mouth feels after using the healthy mouth blend and some people had more dramatic results. One woman reduced her gum pocket depth by 3mm which was amazing. We think the redeeming thing about this product is people tend to buy over and over again. This means it works.

However there were a few people who did not notice any difference when using the mouth blend and as mentioned previously, quite a few people were disappointed by the packaging and leaky bottle they received. But saying this the team at orawellness are really friendly and their customer support is top-notch. We are sure they are more than willing to send out a replacement if this should ever happen to you 🙂

orawellness healthy mouth blend

Do We Recommend It?

Absolutely because as someone who has used it myself, I can tell you that my gums became much healthier and did not bleed as much as they use to. The saliva production also increased which in turn kept my mouth moisturised and helped keep my breath fresher for longer.

If your someone who is in need of desperate gum problem relief and want a natural way to do it then this oil toothpaste is right up your ally. The worst that can happen is you try it and it doesn’t work but wait for it…

Massive 365-Day Money Back Guaranteeorawellness healthy mouth blend

I don’t know any health company doing this which tells us they are really confident in the products they sell. Keep in mind this only applies to physical products that they sell which is like 99%.

For digital products they have a 30-day money back guarantee which is pretty standard.

Price & Best Place To Buy The Healthy Mouth Blend

Orawellness Healthy Mouth Blend Review
  • Effective
  • Helps Bleeding gums
  • Helps Swollen gums
  • Prevents Bad breath
  • Helps Periodontal disease
  • All natural Ingredients
  • Different Ways To Use It
  • Refreshing Taste

If you buy a single 15ml glass bottle it will cost $22.97 and this will last you 3 months give or take. It really depends on how often you use it and how many drops you use. It might seem expensive but you need to consider the natural ingredients that are used and the more complex manufacturing process to get the right concentration of each oil into the bottle.

I would say it’s a premium product and unlike regular toothpaste, this oil solution also targets early stages of gum disease so you get double the action.

You can buy from either Amazon or directly from Orawellness but we highly recommend you order from the official website because they offer a 365-Day Money Back Guarantee. Amazon only offers a 30-day refund policy. It’s also slightly cheaper on their main website compared to amazon where it costs $25.97.

If your ready to change the complexion of you teeth and gums using natural methods then please head on over to the Orawellness website and get your kit today.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this Orawellness Healthy Mouth Blend Review has given you the understanding of what the product is about and what it can offer you in terms of oral health. It’s basically an essential oil based natural solution that targets the gum line and bacteria underneath it.

It’s much more powerful than your regular toothpaste because of its oil based nature, and because it’s geared towards treating gum issues you will be pleasantly surprised at how fast it helps to relieve these problems and your dentist will also be surprised (in a good way).

It costs $22.97 and lasts 3 months which might seem expensive to some of you but remember that it’s a specialised product and the manufacturing of it is more complex than regular toothpastes.

We have used it ourselves and noticed great changes, the most prominent one being the drastic reduction of bleeding gums and reduced swelling. If you suffer from similar conditions then we recommend you at least try it out and with a 365-day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose.

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