Genius Labs Teeth Whitening Pen [Review] – Cheap But Does It Work?

Oral hygiene is a very important part of our daily lives, in fact dentists recommend we brush at least twice daily.

When it comes to having the perfect white teeth many people struggle but you don’t have to be one of them because today we will tell you about genius labs teeth whitening pen.

Many celebrities and top models and other industry professionals frequently go for teeth whitening with their dentists because having yellow teeth reduces your confidence, makes you extremely self-conscious and among other things is a source of shame.

You might be thinking to yourself “but I don’t have the money to afford that sort of treatment”

Does that mean there’s no hope and we’re doomed to have permanent yellow teeth?

No, it doesn’t!

I am here to tell you although these celebrities can afford to go for teeth whitening and avoid all the problems associated with it, you can get the same results spending a fraction of what it costs at the dentist.

There are many home remedies and do it yourself hacks online but Genius labs whitening pen (available on Amazon) is becoming a fast favourite.

For less than 60 seconds every day you can use this pen to gradually wash out your yellow teeth and make them white.

It’s sleek design and soft brush tips will give you immense value for money.

Make sure to read the full Genius labs teeth whitening pen review to understand it’s true benefits!

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Who Is This Product For?

This is best for:

  • Adults (18+)
  • If you are looking for a solution that will start showing results quickly
  • If you have mild teeth stains
  • If you are in the market for a cheap but highly effective solution.

Although this product is highly effective for whitening stained teeth, not everyone is qualified to use it.

The people who are not suited for this product are:

  • People under the age of 18
  • If you use any external dental apparatus on your teeth for example braces or dentures.
  • If you have other dental problems like gum disease

genius labs teeth whitening review

Top Features

Smart Whitening Pen

This whitening pen is safe and easy to use, the routines are easy to follow and give your teeth that sparkling white look in very little time. 

It’s priced very cheaply which surprised us because the quality and its effectiveness is without question. The ingredients which have been used to create the formula for the product are safe and will not cause any harm or injury to you.

With consistent use, you are sure to get the best results and will be ready to open your teeth all day long.

So no matter how badly stained you think your teeth are you should get the Genius Labs teeth whitening pen. I’m sure after using it yourself, you will be the one asking your friends to try it out.

Safe And Easy

If you are concerned about how technical it is to use the pen you can rest assured that is not a problem. With as little as a minute a day of consistent usage, you will start seeing results in as little as two weeks.

The pen guarantees 4-8 times improvement on your teeth with consistent use and has over 20+ uses. An added benefit kills germs and stops bad breath. The transparent tube also enables you to keep track of how much product you have remaining.

It is also extremely safe to use. The soft brush tips ensure that no harm is done to your teeth or gums during the whitening process.

genius labs teeth whitening pen

High Quality

The pen is of the highest quality and has been made with the best materials on the market. I know you might have concerns about the durability and quality of the pen but I am here to tell you there’s no reason to worry. The pen is made here in the United States and meets industry standards.

The pen is safe on your teeth, no corners have been cut to make the product.

To attest to this, Genius labs offers a 100% money back guarantee if you buy the product and are not satisfied with its quality. They also offer customer service options if you cannot use the pen properly or if you have any questions.

After using this pen I am sure you would be smiling your brightest smiles in no time. Do not let your stained teeth stop you from expressing yourself the way you would love to.

Get Genius Lab whitening pen right now and start your journey to white teeth


You might wonder what are the benefits of using this whitening gel apart from giving you a great smile of course. Using this whitening pen gives you some added benefits such as:

  • You get white teeth at less than the fraction of the cost it takes to whiten your teeth with a dentist. Therefore you get a cheap but effective solution that would give you the teeth you desire.
  • The pen has no side effects. Genius lab has used materials that would have no adverse effects on your body.
  • You begin to see the changes in your teeth very soon after you start using it. This is a bonus and unlike some other procedures which may take longer and might be even more expensive, Genius whitening pen is a better, faster and cheaper alternative.
  • No matter how long you have had your stain, the whitening pen can be used to remove the stain and give you shining bright teeth.


I know you might be surprised but here are some negatives about this kit:

  • This pen is not a one-time solution, constant use is required. Although effective, you would need to follow the routine of 1 minute per day. This might be an issue if you have a hectic lifestyle.
  • The pen only comes with 20+ uses so if you wish to continue with the treatment you would need to get another pen after about 3 weeks.
  • If you have any other dental implants or have braces you will not be able to use this pen.

What Do Customers Think?

People who have used this product have testified to getting results as early as two weeks or less. It works fast with consistent use and is on par with dental whitening treatments.

The whitening pen does not leave a taste of adhesive in your mouth as the materials used are of the highest quality.

People on amazon have been praising it’s ability to remove coffee stains in real quick time. Most said it took around 2 weeks!

Final Thoughts

Genius Labs whitening pen is great and will definitely change your life and give you a new outlook.

The pen is arguably the best on the market and you’re sure to get good results when you use it. No matter how badly you think your teeth are stained Genius Lab whitening pen will come through and make them shine.

Within three weeks you should have whiter teeth that will leave you smiling and shining and the best part is, it’s really cheap and has a 100% money back guarantee!

Genius Labs Teeth Whitening Pen F.A.Q

Q. Are there any hidden ingredients not listed on the package?

A. As stipulated by law, all ingredients and materials used in the making of the whitening pen are listed on the packaging.

Q. Is it Toxic?

A.The Genius whitening pen is, in fact, Non-toxic and is not harmful if ingested. Although you are advised to refrain from ingesting the fluid from the pen.

Q. Does it work immediately?

A. The Genius whitening pen is quick acting but not immediate. Constant application would enable you to see results in as little as 7 days.

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