Opalescence 20 Review

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Tooth whitening is one of the major concerns today to have an attractive smile. Bad food habits, consumption of tobacco, and other things can lead to the teeth’ yellowness.

Opalescence is one name that is quite reliable to offer you shiny white teeth. The will talk about its features, pros, and other factors.


There are times when toothpaste may not remove the issue of yellowness from your teeth. This is the time when you may have to use some other alternatives such as Opalescence 20%. The , a 20% syringe, helps in treating your yellow teeth and offering you a dental structure that is shiny white and attractive.

Opalescence 20 Review

Main Features:

  • Opalescence 20% syringe helps whiten the teeth in a much safer, convenient, and easier way. 
  • Each syringe contains 1.2ml of carbamide peroxide gel for the teeth whitening procedure. 
  • Each syringe is featured with dispensing tips for convenience of usage. 
  • The syringe claims to reduce the problem of sensitivity also along with offering the benefit of teeth whitening.
  • It can stay up fresh for as long as two years if you store it in the refrigerator. 
  • The syringe is available in three different flavors, and these are regular, mint, and melon. 
  • Essential details such as the expiration date are mentioned conveniently on the product for safety. 


Apart from the effectiveness mentioned in the  , the product is also relatively easy to use.

Opalescence 20% syringe is quite convenient to use, and you can use it along with the tray you already have for bleaching your teeth.

You have to release the gel ingredients from the syringe on the bleaching tray from one end to another properly so that the gel has reached out to all the corners.

Now you have to apply this tray to your teeth properly and press it a bit.

Remove the gel that oozes out from the sides and let this tray stay on your teeth for a maximum of 4 hours.

After four hours, remove the tray, use a brush to clean out the gel from the teeth, and rinse with tepid water. 

Opalescence 20 Review


The pack of Opalescence 20% syringe weighs about 1.45 ounces. There are four different containers with two syringes in each.

The syringes are well arranged in a portable container so that they can stay safe in transit.

Individual syringes also have individual covers for better portability. 

Value for Money:

As mentioned in the , you can start noticing results from the use of the very first syringe itself.

Not just the syringes offer excellent teeth whitening, but they also provide results in other areas such as treating gums’ sensitivity.

It is easy to use, and with just four syringes at a much convenient cost, it can offer you results of removing stains that you have got due to various food items.

Moreover, with so many beneficial features and cons, the syringe is a complete value for money. 


Opalescence 20% comes in a package of 8 Opalescence 20% syringes packed carefully in 4 different containers with two syringes each.

It would help if you had your bleaching tray for bleaching your teeth with this syringe. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is Opalescence 20 safe for kids?

Answer: Though the syringe contains FDA-approved ingredients, you should still consult a dentist before using it on the kids. 

Q2. What else can I get with the syringes in the package?

Answer: The package comes along only with eight syringes in 4 different containers. It would help if you had your bleaching tray for the teeth whitening process with the syringes. 


Opalescence 20% syringe is a great option for teeth whitening if you are troubled by yellow teeth due to several reasons such as tobacco or others.

As mentioned, the syringes are convenient to use and effective in results.

Also, it is convenient in pricing and makes a great choice for teeth whitening for many users.

Opalescence 20 Review

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