How Much Does Permanent Gold Teeth Cost?

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Permanent gold teeth are ideal for replacing missing teeth ( restorative dentistry ), and people have been using them in recent years.

Permanent gold teeth or old crowns are durable, effective, and aesthetically pleasing. As discussed in this post, permanent gold teeth come in handy in various situations.

Still, we understand you must be curious about how much does permanent gold teeth cost, considering gold is a rare precious metal and a bit high-end.

This masterpiece gleans insightful information about gold teeth, their benefits, precautions, and, notably, the cost of gold teeth implants.

How Much Does Permanent Gold Teeth Cost?

Gold is versatile and highly malleable. As a result, it’s practical to deform or change it into any form or shape without fracturing the material.

Moreover, since gold is biocompatible, it has been a helpful material in dentistry since the 19th century. 

Gold is helpful in various ways in dentistry. For example, it’s excellent for dental fillings since it can’t damage surrounding teeth and is impossible to corrode.

Also, gold is a suitable option for dental crowns in lieu of ceramic. This is because gold seals well, reducing the chances of bacterial infections.

Moreover, unlike other materials that require the removal of a significant portion of healthy tissue, gold requires only a tiny amount.

Finally, gold crowns are ideal for covering part of the tooth damaged from breakage, tooth decay, and root canal. In sum, dentists use gold teeth to protect and restore teeth.

Nonetheless, presently gold teeth are more of a status symbol than a restorative procedure. 

So, for the concern how much does permanent gold teeth cost, the cost of the gold teeth depends on the quality of the gold, which is determined in terms of karats.

They generally come in fourteen, eighteen, and twenty-two karats or as an alloy with silver or platinum to increase their durability.

Along with the cost of gold teeth, you would be required to pay a high amount for getting the transplantation done.

The cost generally goes near $10.000 per tooth. Apart from the cost of operation and transplantation, the total cost varies depending upon the gold karat. It may cost you between $800 to $2000 to get a permanent gold tooth.

If you don’t want to have permanent gold teeth, you can opt for a gold cap or crown. This allows you to take out the gold whenever you want. It is a type of gold covering that you can put on your natural teeth.

Benefits of Gold Teeth

  • Durable: The high quality of gold makes it durable. A gold tooth can withstand the stress like a natural tooth and also suffer from very little wear. You can easily chew or eat with gold teeth like natural teeth. Not to mention, gold doesn’t discolor.
  • Stable: Gold metal does not disrupt the natural working of gum and mouth. It neither degrades nor harms the adjacent teeth and hence can be used without worrying.
  • Flexible: The flexibility of gold helps the teeth makers easily shape the teeth according to your wish.
  • Safe: The non-toxic nature of gold makes it less vulnerable to allergic reactions and is safe for you.
  • Versatile: Gold teeth allow you to have hot or cold beverages and food items without a complaint of sensitivity in the teeth or gums.
  • Easy maintenance: You can clean gold teeth like the other regular teeth. As such, permanent gold teeth don’t necessarily require sophisticated or complex cleaning to remain healthy and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Comfortable: Akin to other implants, dentists set permanent gold teeth in the jaw bone. As such, it’s impractical for other teeth to feel the strain of the new installation. Also, they can’t fall out the mouth, and you can consume any food.


If you have gold teeth or want to have gold teeth, you should say ‘no’ to smoking. Smoking will erode the gold and will also reduce its shining.

However, the smoking factor dramatically relies on the purity of gold. The purer the gold, the less will be the effect of smoking on it.

So, for the people who smoke, it is recommended that they should choose gold teeth of higher quality, i.e., between 18 to 24 carats. This will help you to get rid of the habit of getting your teeth polished to maintain the shine of the gold.


The cost of permanent gold teeth hugely depends on the quality of the gold. So how much does permanent gold teeth cost can be determined by the purity of gold?

Higher the purity, the higher the price. It usually costs between $800 to $2000 to get a permanent gold tooth.

The transplantation itself costs about $10.000 per tooth. Being too costly, it has become a matter of luxury nowadays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Gold Teeth Ruin Your Teeth?

‘Grills’ or ‘fronts’ are often used as a decorative covering made from gold for your teeth. Their acidic character may cause enamel erosion or problems like hypersensitivity. They can also lead to bacterial growth, which causes bad breath.

What Are the Side Effects of Gold Teeth?

Apart from its benefits, gold teeth also have several side effects. These are:

  • Swelling of gums
  • Pain in lips or mouth
  • Allergic reactions (common in gold-nickel alloys)
  • Irritation

Are Gold Teeth Attractive?

Apart from the health problems associated with gold teeth, gold teeth cannot hold the beauty of natural teeth. However, they do everything which natural teeth do. There is one more advantage to have gold teeth, and they are resistant to fractures.

How Long Do Permanent Gold Teeth Last?

As the name insinuates, permanent gold teeth are designed to last for a significant period.

This primarily depends on the concentration of the metal in your implants.

As you can imagine, the higher the concentration of gold, the longer the implant will last.

Typically, permanent gold teeth can last for 20 to 40 years.

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