Does Toothpaste Have Calories Or Sugar?

Toothpaste is a daily use product for oral hygiene. While using toothpaste different questions may come up. One of the common questions does toothpaste have calories? Let’s try to answer the question in a very simple manner.  The answer is quite simple and short. Yes, most tubes of toothpaste contain calories in it. Interestingly, most … Read more

How Much Do Snap-On Veneers Cost?

The process of whitening teeth and getting veneers can be rather pricey, however, there is now an alternative to expensive dentistry that does not involve any discomfort and is significantly less expensive. In spite of this, the price of snap-on veneers has increased marginally in response to the meteoric rise in demand brought on by … Read more

Are Snap-On Veneers Comfortable?

Snap-on veneers, when correctly molded to your unique mouth shape and contours, should feel completely natural and comfortable when worn. Not only should a set of well-crafted snap-on veneers be comfortable, but wearing them should make you forget you have any dental appliance in your mouth, with the exception of when you are chewing or … Read more

Are Snap-On Veneers Safe?

Generally speaking, snap-on veneers are a safe alternative to traditional veneers. However, the safety of any snap-on veneers will depend on heavily on the proper use and care of the dental appliance. When you wear a veneer that does not fit properly or that has been damaged, it can cause problems with the way your … Read more

Are Snap-On Veneers Worth It?

If you have a smile that you aren’t happy with, you may be considering getting veneers to cover your teeth and bring your smile back to its former glory. While veneers are the most popular option for reconstructing your teeth, they are notoriously expensive, create permanent damage to your natural teeth, and you will continue … Read more

Top 10 Myths About Your Gums

Oral healthcare, which not only includes your teeth but the gums too is one crucial aspect of your overall health. With new developments being made almost every day, there is a well of knowledge at your disposal, however, quite a lot of this knowledge is misleading. Myths regarding gums have existed for a very long … Read more

Top 10 Root Canal Myths

Are you needing to get a root canal done but you’re hesitant because you’ve heard so many negative things regarding this procedure? Fortunately, many of the things you’ve heard surrounding root canals are not based in reality and are simply myths.  There are many myths about root canals. These myths include root canals being painful, … Read more